On Monday 24th July at 5:30am, 6 musicians from 6 different bands including myself set up in a rehearsal room in Bromley and started to write an EP. By 9am they had three songs. They got in their cars and headed to Hidden Track Studios to record, mix and master the three songs with Oz (Feed The Rhino/Hidden Track Studios).

At 5:30am on Tuesday 25th July "Why We Fight" by 24 Hour Punks was released to raise money for AMMF, a cancer charity. It's a rip roaring, ear bursting punk record made in the truest sense of the word "punk", as are the two other tracks on the EP "Stand" and "Riot". This is how a punk record should be made. Spontaneously and with passion and a sense of fun but fuelled by social comment. 


All proceeds from the EP will go to the cancer charity AMMF (ammf.org.uk). Donations can also be made direct here: justgiving.com/fundraising/24hourpunks 

The musicians are:-
Luke Lyon-Wall; Guitar and the man who spear headed the whole project. (Call Me Malcolm)
TJ McFaull: Vocals/Lyrics (Barstool Preachers)
Millie Manders: Vox/Lyrics (Millie Manders and the Shutup)
Aiden Lamb: Guitar (Skaciety)
Arvin Bancil: Bass (Popes of Chillitown)
Pierre Greenway: Drums (Battleska Galactica)
Oz Craggs: Recording/Production/Mastering (Feed The Rhino/Hidden Track Studios)

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