Independent singer-songwriter, Amy Kendal, blows you away with magnificent new release ‘Obsession’

Direct and guarded in equal measures, Amy Kendal is a singer/songwriter hailing from the UK with minimalist beats and catchy vocal hooks. Taking inspiration from 90s R&B, alternative EDM and Swedish pop, Amy arrives with her own distinct sound and sweet-as-can-be vocals and the seal of approval from BBC Introducing

Amy has already worked with producerand collaborators from around the world and  both sides of the Atlantic to create the music.  She writes all lyrics and vocal melodies herself. 

She has recently worked on a new single called ‘Obsession’ with an American producer called Jay Johnson. The upbeat track features a heavy sub beneath a light musical melody. The lyrics and vocal melody are punchy, layered and with tight harmonies to add depth.


Having played in bands for years as the front for everything from punk to EDM, this is Amy’s time to release her own material – created wholly in line with her vision.

From singing at cider festivals in Somerset at age seven to writing her first original song at twelve, she has always been creating and performing for as long as she can remember.  Music is in her blood with musicians as parents and singing running strong through the family – it was a noisy household growing up!

Never staying in one place for too long, she has lived all over the UK and enjoys travelling as much as possible. Taking inspiration from her experiences, her lyrics often talk to the more painful times she has gone through, but it’s a personal ambition to create more uplifting tracks to reflect the balance and realness of life.

She is currently looking for musicians to help her bring her music to life on stage and hopes to be gigging in the near future. Melographic can't wait!


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