Announces new album ‘Dead Magic’ 

To be released March 2nd on City Slang worldwide -  Live dates announced including London's The Dome.

Anna von Hausswolff has announced her fourth album, ‘Dead Magic’ for release on March 2nd via City Slang worldwide. Along with the announcement, she has unleashed a first track, the spell-binding “The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra” and confirmed a series of live dates, including a show at London's Tufnell Park Dome on March 12th.

The Gothenburg-based artist keeps her introduction to the record enigmatic as ever, stating simply:
“Dear listeners.
This is the first track from my new album, Dead Magic!

Me, my band and Randall Dunn spent 9 days in Copenhagen recording this record. The great pipe organ you’re hearing is a 20th century instrument located in Marmor Kirken, "The Marble Church", Copenhagen.
Here is a poem for you by the Swedish writer Walter Ljungquist (1900-1974):
”Take the fate of a human being, a thin pathetic line that contours and encircles an infinite and unknown silence. It is in this very silence, in an only imagined and unknown
centre,that legends are born. Alas! That is why there are no legends in our time. Our time is a time deprived of silence and secrets; in their absence no legends can grow."
Please enjoy the music.
Yours sincerely,
Anna von Hausswolff"

Anna von Hausswolff will play the following live dates:
04 March - Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin DE
12 March - The Dome, London UK
18 March - Berns, Stockholm SE


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