Having recently announced that their new album ‘Anatomical Venus’ will be released early next year, Black Moth have shared the first single from the record in the form of the psychedelic video for ‘Moonbow’, directed by Ben Foley (Foley previously worked with BM on their spectacularly kinky ‘Looner’ clip, 2015).

Vocalist Harriet Hyde comments:
 ‘It is an ode and an offering to the moon herself, in the hope that she will shine her silver blessings on Mothic ventures to follow. Ben Foley’s directorial work with us has gone from Looner to Lunar. His deft creative touch on ‘Moonbow’ drags the viewer with us through a psychedelic neon dreamscape – an intoxicating experience of lunar worship’

While their first 2 albums were released by New Heavy Sounds, Black Moth will have their latest / third studio album issued worldwide via Candlelight Records on February 23rd 2018, the result of an alliance between Candlelight and NHS.
Produced by Andy Hawkins (Hawk Eyes, Maximo Park) with Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) handling the mix, this 10-track affair sees the Leeds / London outfit – vocalist Harriet Hyde, guitarists Jim Swainston & Federica Gialanze’, bassist Dave Vachon and drummer Dom McCready –  further honing the various elements of their sound to make the hooks more barbed and the focus more collective.
Lead single 'Moonbow' provides the first taste of things to come, successfully combining wide-eyed wonder with true metallic weight, the whole thing supported by the aforementioned clip that delivers from the off in both intensity and colour.
What’s for sure is that ‘Anatomical Venus’ is the heaviest Black Moth album to date, taking the signature Mothic sound – a dark and heady swirl of garage rock, mind-blowin’ psychedelia and amplified over-drive – down a more targetted path, effectively opening a new chapter in a career that stretches back to an inaugural single in 2010 and a debut album, ‘The Killing Jar’, in 2012. 
For ‘The Killing Jar’ and its 2014 follow-up, ‘Condemned To Hope’, the band brought in Jim Sclavunos (a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds since 1994) to handle production and mixing duties, and the results immediately connected with fans and media alike…
“Like Electric Wizard meets Band Of Skulls, in a dungeon” is one press description that sticks in the mind, with other points of reference including Black Sabbath, the Stooges, PJ Harvey, Melvins, Kyuss and Patti Smith; however, with ‘Anatomical Venus’ Black Moth are seeking to forge their own path, both musically and conceptually. The album’s name and central theme, arrived at when Hyde was introduced to the 18th century wax models of the female form employed by male surgeons to learn their craft, provides a strong platform for both the artwork and the lyrics, allowing the singer to take command and truly find her voice…
“The Anatomical Venus spoke volumes to me,” she reflects. “She embodies the male gaze, a history of men dissecting women in an attempt to understand her, reveal her magic, snuff out her unruly flame, while all the time needing her to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to their taste. These models are not simply practical medical models for education – they are fetish objects, women stripped back as far as you can go. But there is a look of defiance in their eyes as if to say, ‘keep looking if you like. I dare you. Peel back my skin and peep behind my ribcage, you won’t find anything unless I choose to tell you’.”
 On the live front, Black Moth have appeared at a number of high-profile UK festivals (including Download, Reading & Leeds and Bloodstock Open Air), and guested – in the UK and Europe – with artists such as L7, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats and The Sisters Of Mercy.

Black Moth Tour Dates & Tickets


Set for release on October 27th & supported by headline shows in London + Leeds

Since releasing their debut ‘Killing Jar’ album in 2012, Black Moth have been distilling the various elements of their sound (a dark swirl of garage rock, head-spinnin’ psychedelia and metallic weight) to the point where its impact is both immediate and telling – something amply displayed on new single, ‘Moonbow’.


Taken from the Leeds / London band’s forthcoming third studio album, set for release in early 2018, ‘Moonbow’ has been produced by Andy Hawkins (Hawk Eyes, Maximo Park) and mixed by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir); for Black Moth – that’s vocalist Harriet Hyde, guitarists Jim Swainston & Federica Gialanze, bassist Dave Vachon and drummer Dom McCready – ‘Moonbow’ signals the start of a fresh chapter;

a chapter founded on deep-seated confidence in the latest material, plus the energy that comes from a new recording line-up, with Federica having joined the BM ranks since the release of Album 2 in 2014. 

Vocalist Harriet Hyde comments:

“We are about to release an album that, in my opinion, transcends the previous two quite considerably. I am proud to introduce ‘Moonbow’ as the lead track. It is an ode and an offering to the moon herself, in the hope that she will shine her silver blessings on Mothic ventures to follow…”


Following their appearance at Bloodstock Open Air 2017, Black Moth have confirmed two headline shows in London & Leeds to support and celebrate the release of ‘Moonbow’, for which a video will shortly be filmed with director Ben Foley, who worked with BM on their spectacularly kinky ‘Looner’ clip (2015).

Black Moth have also confirmed an appearance at the ‘Doom vs Stoner, Chapter II’ event in September; the full list of dates is as follows…


Sept 30 – Oct 1: Doom vs Stoner, O2 Academy, Sheffield

Nov 9: Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London (Special Guests, The Pearl Harts)

Nov 10: Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (Special Guests, Chambers & Method Acting)

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