Coco Hames and Deer Tick’s John McCauley share cover of “Tiny Pieces” 

Coco Hames will release her self-titled debut on March 31 on Merge Records.


In the meantime, check out this irresistible cover of Bash & Pop’s “Tiny Pieces,” a lost ’90s gem penned by Tommy Stinson of alt-rock legends The Replacements. “It’s a really unique song,” says Hames, who delivers it as a duet with John McCauley of Deer Tick, the pair making like a dissolute Gram and Emmylou. “I love the way John approaches and understands music, his own and others’. I’d wanted to do an interesting cover on this record, and I just love John’s voice—particularly in the way we play off each other.” 
Hames says she had no agenda with her debut solo release, apart from fashioning an album that would resist easy genre tags. “I grew up listening to ’60s pop like Dusty Springfield, but also classic country music like Patsy Cline, and things that bridged both worlds, like Bobbie Gentry. I guess I’m a fan of artists who can move between styles pretty seamlessly,” notes Hames. “Somehow, with this record, the end result doesn’t fit into any one category. Which is an exciting thing to me.”

Coco Hames

Shares poignant farewell ballad

Coco Hames shared “When You Said Goodbye,” the gossamer jangle-pop opener from her self-titled solo debut, out March 31 on Merge Records. Coco Hames is a deeply personal record filled with poignant ruminations on love lost and found, dreams dashed then rediscovered, and its ten songs manage to pinpoint exquisite light amid life’s darkness. 

“I have avoided writing a straight-up breakup song about my feelings, but that’s what I did with this one,” the former frontwoman of The Ettes writes about the track. “These are my observations and Ed Grimley-esque justifications for my seesaw of emotions (I’m so sad! It’s okay! Are we friends? Should we be friends? Why be friends? Why do I care? Was it ever real? What??). It’s very literal, which for me teeters between embarrassing and beautiful.”

Coco Hames will be playing at SXSW, and more opportunities to see her live are on the horizon! Listen to her previously released track “I Do Love You."

New solo debut album from Coco Hames.

Merge Records to release debut solo album  31st March

Merge Records are delighted to announce that Coco Hames, the frontwoman and indomitable force behind beloved garage-pop combo The Ettes, will release her self-titled solo debut on 31st March.

Listen to the ardent ballad “I Do Love You" which premiered at American Songwriter. It showcases Hames’ considerable vocal prowess while conveying the intensity of new love.
Proclaiming it “my bossy ode to falling in love,” Hames describes how “I Do Love You” came to be: “I was driving in rural western North Carolina (there’s a beautiful piece of road that opens up between Brevard and Mills River that inspires me every time I’m on it), not believing my luck at realizing I was crazy about my now husband, and I wrote this song and was singing it at the top of my lungs and writing lyrics as I went. I had meant to poetically upgrade/shroud them later, when I sat back down with it, but they’re honest, so I kept them.”

There’s an old saying about how “you have your whole life to write your first record.” For Hames, the songs on her stunning debut poured from her pen over a sustained burst of inspiration…but they took more than a decade to live out. A deeply personal record filled with poignant ruminations on love lost and found, dreams dashed then rediscovered, these ten songs manage to pinpoint exquisite light amid life’s darkness.
Recorded at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville, the album was co-produced by Hames and Andrija Tokic, who has helped sire career-making albums for Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and others.

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