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Dark Dark Horse have premiered their beautiful new video for 'And Then We Had Nothing At All' 

On the video Jamie Ward, of Dark Dark Horse, has said "I have a bit of an aversion to music videos, preferring to use more abstract treatments for the necessary visual element the internet demands of music. Fraser West's dreamy edit of drone footage captured in Cyprus really evokes a similar feeling of motion to the one I tried to create with the instrumental. The Mediterranean's blue hue perfectly echoing the tracks glistening synthesizers".

Dark Dark Horse is a Leicester duo comprising of Jamie Ward (producer/multi-instrumentalist) and James Stafford (singer) who collectively create expertly crafted glacial pop-electronica steeped in indie rock sensibilities.

After a break from activity whilst Ward toured full time with globetrotting ‘astonishing’ instrumentalists Maybeshewill, 2017 marked the rebirth of the band. Having released EP, 'Luna II' in April and recently signing a publishing deal with Warner’s W Songs, Dark Dark Horse are ready to return with the elegant and emotive new single ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’ on January 26th via Little Fanfare.

“'And Then We Had Nothing At All' is perhaps the most epic and ambitious song we've recorded so far. At over seven minutes long it defies the typical conventions of a single but it's power, beauty and grandeur was something we felt needed its own space.” explains Ward. It's a sound that feels totally organic and blissfully simplistic, yet stylishly layered and polished, simultaneously. “A kaleidoscope of swirling reverse synths, dusty samples from my mother’s children's music classes, pounding drums and sweeping violin… we really threw the kitchen sink at this one.”

Lyrically, Stafford touches on a seemingly darkening impression of the future - in which the struggle between overanalysing the present or consciously turning a blind eye to the problems we face, can create a stunned ambivalence towards each.

It's a delicate and emotional issue that people have struggled with universally - and one that Dark Dark Horse explore powerfully.

 The torch light was dying
And then we had nothing at all
We had worn out the battery

The more that we are trying
The more of a mess that we make
Come on pull out the battery

I have nothing more to give you
And you have nothing more to take
Because we had worn out the battery 


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