Dead Sea

Video for their debut track '8.50'

.Dead Sea, a French four-piece who write, record and rehearse in the small apartment that they share above a café in Paris, have today shared a video for their debut single, ‘8.50’. The video was envisioned by Dead Sea, directed by Jean-Charles Charavin and produced by Incendie / Atelier K-Plan.

The director said the following about the video: "For this video, we worked with Dead Sea to create a universe with a taste of mysterious futurism and beauty. Caro had already made some pretty serious research and brought us the inspiration about the atmosphere, the stylism, the strong architectural statement and the narrative. Then we met with the band to define what they had in mind and we worked together to produce a script.

The aesthetic of the film was intended to immerse the spectator in that strange universe, somewhere between Under The Skin and Midnight Special. The VFX were a real challenge. We tried to add the plastic beauty of a perfume commercial. Our model Celine Delaugère was perfect for this role and we tried to magnify her unique beauty with the framing too."

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