DIE SO FLUID started writing fifth studio album ONE BULLET FROM PARADISE in 2015. Their plan was to write a heavier, more instant album than their previous release The Opposites Of Light. 


However, while the music remained fiercely uptempo, the lyrical content and themes grew darker as storm clouds swelled above them. Mid-US tour their record company evaporated alongside financial support and soon after their long-time manager disappeared without warning.

Both events seemed trivial when founder member, drummer and friend Al Fletcher died suddenly in July 2016 in the week he was due to start recording drums.

Grog and Mr Drew reflected for a time then decided to finish the album. They wrote new songs. No holds barred. Harder, heavier, faster, punkier. No filler. No fat. No f*cking around. Life is short. 

By late 2016 they had enlisted drummer Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, Thrill Kill Kult) to play on the album and mix some of the songs. Grog recorded bass & vocals in LA, Mr Drew guitars, synths, loops and noises in London, and Justin, drums in Bologna, Italy.

Renowned graphic novelist and film director Dan Schaffer came on board and drew original album artwork (think Walking Dead meets Mad Max), perfectly encapsulating the attitude of 11 incendiary new songs.


The album tackles a firestorm of social commentary in ‘HumanUNkind’, ‘We Were Born To Kill Each Other’ and ‘One Bullet From Paradise’, affairs of the heart in ‘No More Stars’, ‘Farewell’ and ‘Uncomplicated’, dark matters of the mind in ‘Terrible Thing’, and a call to arms in ‘Skeleton Suit’, ‘Bittersweet’and ‘Manifest’.


A limited edition 2CD pre-order is available now via PledgeMusic and includes an exclusive, previously unavailable live album recorded in Tempe, Arizona featuring Grog, Mr Drew and Al. The album Draw a Line and Cross It - Live in Arizona showcases the band in full flight, sound and glorious technicolour.

It's existential, Baby!

ONE BULLET FROM PARADISE is released on 1 Dec 2017 (Strataville).

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