Today, Montreal artist Doldrums is sharing another slice of his noise-pop with new single 'Machine Boi'. Doldrums is set to release his new album 'Esc' on June 30th. 

Speaking about the track, Airick Asher Woodhead, aka, Doldrums says "'Machine Boi' is a song to comfort someone who wants to give up, has been made to feel less than human. His tears rust him dry and he is forced to adapt. I read this book The Empty Fortress about a young boy who was convinced he had to run power from outlets to his body to perform basic functions. He thought he was a part of the power system and not a person, referred to food as 'batteries' and would smash lightbulbs whenever he was upset."! 


Montreal's Doldrums details new album & shares new single of warped electronic pop ahead of release this June! 


New album & shares first single 'Runner Up'! LP 'E s c' due June 30th!  

Challenging the digital identity, Montreal's Doldrums returns with new album & single! 

We're excited to announce that Montreal's Doldrums returns with a new album 'E s c' set for release June 30th. The album features collaborations including Petra Glynt and Tobias Rochman of Peleda, and was mixed by Matthew Otto (Majical Cloudz). The first single & video from the album 'Runner Up' is online now. 

Doldrums’ Airick Asher Woodhead explains the 'Runner Up' video when he said: "We shot it in my apartment with one of my best friends. The idea was to show the skin out of context, as sort of alien. The way it turned out you don't know whether it's seductive or gross, I'm fascinated by stuff that walks that line." 

Speaking about the forthcoming release, Doldrums sent the following message to his fans...


There is a new Doldrums record . Made it in Montreal, mostly by myself. Took some time off traveling n hung out with the ppl I love, going out all night and coming back to the Torn to sing in the mornings. Petra Glynt and CCB helped work out the jams for some live shows with the roto toms and electribe, and from there edited it together from hundreds of hours of material. 

E s c is coming. This song is gonna be on it. Can’t wait to share more with u <3"

Doldrums appeared in 2010 with a series of noisy, percussion heavy tracks and collaged videos that challenged digital identity.  Since then the project has oscillated between pop and noise, following singer Airick Asher Woodhead through 2 LPs, 7 singles / EPS,  a VHS, 2 Boiler Room performances, as well as various live performances over the world.

'E s c' will mark the third step in Doldrums' album collection, following on from 2013's 'Lesser Evil' and 2015's 'The Air Conditioned Nightmare'. It is set for self-release on June 30th.

'E s c' is available for pre-order below

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