Streams "Friends EP" in full: LISTEN HERE

The Norwegian-born, London-based musician, Anna Lena Bruland A.K.A. EERA, announces the release of the "Friends EP" on 26th September 2018 . The four-track EP features versions of her tracks from the debut album Reflection Of Youth, performed by her friends including the London-based singer-songwriter and pianist,  Douglas Dare, the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Farao, rising newcomers Alaskalaska and avant-garde rockers The Mantis Opera.

Anna Lena said the following about the EP:

"I've always wanted to do a sort of collaboration with my friends, and I thought that this would be the perfect way to do it. I've never been a  fan of remixes, so I figured that a covers EP would be way more exciting! These guys are not only some of my best mates, they're also incredibly talented musicians, so I feel very humbled that they agreed to do this".

The opening track from the EP is shared today, a cover of EERA's "I Wanna Dance" by  Alaskalaska. The song is currently being premiered by DIY who said: "the track is brought into the London six-piece’s left-of-centre pop world on the cover, with Lucinda John-Duarte’s distinctive vocals circling around gloopy synths to answer the heed of the track’s title, before an extended, woozy outro sends the track off into the sunset".

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