To commemorate her Scandinavian tour which starts today with fellow Swedish artist Tove Styrke, rising artist GRANT (aka Caroline Cederlöf) has released a stunning rendition of her tour mate’s single ‘Changed My Mind.’ Out on all digital platforms today, the single is accompanied by an official video, shot in the British coastal town of Margate, directed by Zoë Que and Heydon Prowse and features the burgeoning singer who truly makes the song her own with her powerful signature vocals. Watch the video for ‘Changed My Mind’ HERE.

GRANT explains, “I decided on 'Changed My Mind' because it has a great melody and great lyrics with a mixed message that I thought would be fun to play around with. I stripped the song to its melody and started building it from scratch. I came up with the idea of having rhythmic strings as a theme for the whole production and took it from there. The lyrics were my way in to make it my own. Tove’s version is playful, so I went for the more desperate and brittle. I think both of us express some degree of irony as well, I like that in pop song. I had so much fun making it.” 
“I’m such a fan of covers. And honestly, it’s humbling to have somebody cover one of your songs.” Tove Stryrke comments on the song. “It made me think of ”Changed My Mind” in a completely different way than I did before. I love GRANT for doing what she did with the song, giving me that. We´re gonna have some much fun touring together!”
Earlier this year, 24-year-old GRANT released her debut album ‘In Bloom.’ Hailed as a “cohesive pop record on which every track feels like a tiny revelation” by The Line Of The Best Fit, each song is rooted in raw emotion, as the album demonstrates a poet’s attention to detail and knack for unexpected turn-of-phrase, whether the mood is ecstatic or stormy, outrageous or fragile, GRANT endlessly proves her skill at sculpting melodies and lyrics as exquisite as a tune from some centuries-old music box. The end result is a soul-baring and exquisite 10-song collection, which firmly positions GRANT as one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in 2018 and most certainly one to watch in 2019.
Besides her Scandinavian tour with Tove Styrke this November and December, GRANT is busy working on new music and plans to release it in 2019.




With the release of her debut album In Bloom, Swedish artist GRANT has also unveiled a stunningly cinematic behind-the-scenes video of the album’s lead single, the sweeping sonic gem “Catcher In The Rye.” 


Every so often a voice comes along that leaves you utterly entranced and completely hypnotized. Today, that captivating voice belongs to rising Stockholm-based singer/songwriter GRANT, whose new single “Catcher In The Rye” is out worldwide.

Less than a month out from her debut London live show, supporting Tove Styrke at The Borderline on June 13,“Catcher In The Rye” comes along and hooks you instantaneously with its buoyant bassline and infectious melody. The song is taken from her forthcoming debut album “In Bloom,” which is set for worldwide release on June 1. 

Set against a backdrop of sumptuously textured alt-pop, her debut LP “In Bloom” finds this rising artist wholly embodying whatever mood she’s conjuring: love-struck, vengeful, heavy-hearted, triumphant, all the while maintaining a deliberate vulnerability and willful sensitivity that speaks to the quiet power in softness. 
Each song is rooted in raw emotion, as the album demonstrates a poet’s attention to detail and knack for unexpected turn-of-phrase, whether the mood is ecstatic or stormy, outrageous or fragile, GRANT endlessly proves her skill at sculpting melodies and lyrics as exquisite as a tune from some centuries-old music box.
Her latest single release, “Catcher In The Rye”  serves as the follow up to GRANT’s sublimely devastating debut single, “Waterline” which arrived last fall and quickly earned acclaim for its elegant intensity and candid depiction of choosing survival over suicide. “When I wrote that song I’d been feeling bad for a long time, and I realized I had to make a choice,” says GRANT. “I decided that even though I was probably going to feel bad many more times in my life, I wasn’t going to let it drown me—I was going to choose to live.” 
Through the years, that balance of dreamy sincerity and cheeky playfulness has emerged as an essential element of GRANT’s songwriting. Born Alma Caroline Cederlöf, she grew up on a farm in the countryside outside Stockholm, spending much of her childhood among the horses, “singing and imagining the different possibilities of life.” At age nine she joined an after-school music program, and soon fell in love with performing. “There was a small gathering for all the parents to come see what their kids had been up to, and it was the first time that a whole room went quiet and actually listened to me,” she recalls. “It was the most empowering feeling I’d ever experienced, especially being a shy kid in a very loud family.”
In high school GRANTattended music school full-time and dedicated herself to studying jazz. “I have a family friend who’s a jazz singer and gave me lessons sometimes,” she says. “It opened the door to the most amazing music I’d ever heard, singers like Billie Holiday—their voices and their storytelling went right through me, straight to my heart.” Along with mastering the jazz phrasing that still informs her music today, GRANT also explored pop music for the first time, having mostly grown up on artists from the ’90s alternative music scene (PJ Harvey, Tricky, Björk and Nirvana). “When I graduated, I decided I wanted to make music and I wasn’t going to let anyone write my songs for me,” she says. “But I also felt a little bit lost, and I had to figure out what I really wanted to do as an artist.”
By spring 2017, her debut track “Wicked” had caught the attention of blogs and music fans and she soon inked a record deal with Sony Music Sweden, and released “Waterline” that October. In February of this year, she made waves with her spellbinding performance of the song at the Swedish Grammy Awards—a show-stealing moment centered on her now-signature, preternaturally still stage presence. “I think I’ve always been inspired by Edith Piaf, how she just stood and talked with her hands and sang from her heart, and everyone listened,” GRANT notes. Watch the mesmerizing live performance BELOW.

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