Launches new Cornwall-based record label to support local scene - Shares new single "Never Knowing" from forthcoming label compilation due out April 18th

Following on from the release of her EP 'Tears At My Age' earlier this year via Ex-Local, Hockeysmith has shared a new track "Never Knowing". The track features on 'EEL.COMP1', a compilation album from new record label EEL set up by Annie Hockeysmith (Hockeysmith) & Lukasz Kucharski (omoo), which celebrates and features artists connected to the new Cornish underground scene and is set for release April 18th.

With a sound self-described as Kylie on acid, or Cocteau twins at a techno rave punctuated by melodic hooks and lyrics aching with childish naivety, Hockeysmith's new single showcases Annie's eccentric electronic pop wonderfully. 

EEL is a music label. The need for a new kind of sound, a new beat and new noise. It’s a chance to celebrate and promote the friends and collaborators of Annie Hockeysmith and Lukasz Kucharski (omoo), who founded the label. EEL intends to broaden the scope of listeners to the Falmouth electronic music scene through their independent label that lays homageto the history of Cornwall’s rave scene, and the likes of Aphex Twin, John Peel and Luke Vibert. It is a coming together of artists to heighten the senses of the listeners of electronic music, and to draw in those yet to discover the groove and move of the electronic EEL beat.

EEL recordings
takes its name firstly from Earth, from Cornwall. The second E stands for eel, for the eely, slimy, grimy electronic music. The L is for Loop, the repetitive cylinder of sounds and for the loopy musicians soon to be on the label.


Shares new video "Dare You"

UK tour dates announced

With her new EP 'Tears At My Age' out now via Ex-Local, Hockeysmith is now sharing a new video for standout track "Dare You". 

Speaking about the new video, Hockeysmith said "This is us having fun at some parties we organised around my bus in Cornwall and footage from my local gigs captured by friends in Falmouth. It is a compilation of all the good times we had last year."


Previously a duo, Falmouth-based Hockeysmith is now the solo project and musical alias of Annie Hockeysmith. Her new EP 'Tears At My Age' is set for release on Jan 25th via Ex-Local and looks to explore the emerging rave subculture in Cornwall with Annie's love of pop music. The second single from the record "Lonely Loving Me" is streaming online now. 

Speaking about the track, Annie said "I wrote this in a cabin in Cornwall one winter after listening to tuns and tuns of early Kylie Minogue. It explores the idea of loving and being loved as an ambitious person. It can be lonely loving yourself and lonely for someone else."


In the words of Annie, "Tears At My Age" is "One for the girls out there and their tears for undeserving boys."

Annie Hockeysmith's bewitching electronic explorations connect her immersion in rave subcultures with clearer pop intentions. Weaving glimpses of R&B and synth-pop into shuffling rhythms and gauzy textures, Hockeysmith tempers the post-punk edge of their previous tracks while retaining the same compelling directness - honing in on the urgency gleaned from the linear structures of club music.


Two years in the making and a new live line up (sister and original guitarist Georgie went back to University), Hockeysmith's latest project takes root in Cornwall via Copenhagen. The isolated peninsula is renowned for a long- thriving lineage of esoteric art and occult folklore inspired by its arcane landscapes and industrial decay. After putting Hockeysmith on hiatus, Annie retreated out to the Cornish wilderness taking up residence in a converted bus distilling the eerie surroundings into her sound. Inspired by the intrepid spirit and historical significance of Cornwall's rave scene (the sometimes local Aphex Twin is a fan and friend), Annie set about a period of discovery diving deep into 90s IDM and trip- hop, incorporating these structures with her first love - the visceral shoegaze textures of MBV, Ride, Cocteau Twins, and Sonic Youth.


In this period, Annie traveled frequently between Cornwall and Copenhagen writing with the aim of connecting the influences of two very different, yet exciting underground music communities. In contrast to the isolation and freedom of writing and recording in Cornwall, Copenhagen became more of a collaborative environment working with friends and family of the Escho label (Iceage, Smerz). Escho founder Nis Bysted helped write and produce several tracks which will form part of an album nearing completion. The result is an adventurous collection of electronic pop that masks it's deeper intention of finding strength through vulnerability with a sheen of inviting bubblegum innocence and lyrical naiveté (nodding to the techno-pop recently brought back into public consciousness by PC Music and like-minded acts) while still preserving its DIY roots and inspirations. 


See Hockeysmith live:

14th April – Thekla, Bristol (TVAM Support)
26th May – Poltimore Festival, Cornwall
10th August – Boardmasters, Cornwall

Hockeysmith Tour Dates & Tickets
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