Announces debut album Precipice Due out on Flying Nun Records on 7 December

"Demeter" is the new single from New Zealand born, Berlin based musician Indi, lifted from her upcoming debut solo album Precipice on Flying Nun Records. Accompanied by an otherworldly and ethereal video (created in Christchurch, NZ) it offers both an insight into Indi's world, and keeps in the Flying Nun tradition of DIY creative expression.
Indi shares the video for "Demeter" and explains more about the clip; “The aesthetic was very much informed by 80s fantasy films like the Dark Crystal and Neverending Story. Many elements of Julia's set design were built to have a slightly phony look, like cardboard cut outs or blurry dreamlike objects rather than hyper-realistic. The set was built in Ilam art school using mostly painted bedsheets and cardboard, as well as organic matter found on the grounds. We used someoneís smashed up artwork that we found for a lot of the textural things.”
Indi explains more about the track; “My favourite thing is the fluffy spores that fall through the air. They are real spores collected around Christchurch. They add so much movement and magic to the footage, whist also referencing the central themes of fertility and youth.”
Indi is the moniker of contemporary musician and composer Indira Force, who originates from the rain forests of Titirangi, New Zealand and built her foundations of classical piano. Previously co-writer and lead singer of the band Doprah, she is currently based in Berlin. Indi writes using a combination of electronic and classical instrumentation, with a signature sound that relies on intricate details and multi-layered structures.

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