Shares new single "Mucho Mas" 


Jackie Mendoza announces her debut 'LuvHz' (Love Hurts) EP, out April 26 on Luminelle Recordings, and available for pre-order now.


“Mucho Más” is a self-assuring pep talk, explaining that there is “muco más allá” or “way more out there” to confront and explore with courage and joy. The lyrics were written while Mendoza was too anxious to leave her apartment, and the instrumentation was later fleshed out with frequent collaborator Rusty Santos (Panda Bear’s Buoys). “Hidden reasons and lost causes, what’s a mystery now will make sense eventually,” says Mendoza on the single. 


Shares new single "Seahorse"


Signs to Luminelle Recordings  - Shares new video & single "De Lejos"

Luminelle Recordings is pleased to announce new signing Jackie Mendoza, and present her new single, “De Lejos.” Born and raised in the San Diego area, just a mere 10 minutes away from the border, Jackie Mendoza’s equally influenced by the geography and personal experiences from her hometown, as well as the culture of her motherland, Tijuana, Mexico. She grew up listening to Latin pop songs at family parties, and as a result, sings in both Spanish and English, blending Latin-driven dance beats, electronic pop, and colorful soundscapes. 


“De Lejos” is the perfect first taste of Mendoza’s eccentric sound. Written about the emotional difficulty she faced while being in a long distance relationship with her girlfriend, “De Lejos” originally had a ukulele, synth-pop backbone, but after working with producer Rusty Santos (Panda Bear’s upcoming Buoys), it eventually took the the form of a ballad with a minimal beat. “We transformed the sound of the ukulele and stripped down the instrumentation so the message would be the centerpiece of the song. It’s a big step out of my comfort zone, but I’m really excited about its final form.”


News of Mendoza’s debut release will be announced in the coming weeks. She will return to SXSW this year, following last year’s performance where she was highlighted in NPR Music’s The Austin 100 and featured in The New York Times’ “17 Acts That Stood Out.”  She will also play at (le) poisson rouge and Baby’s All Right in New York, where she currently lives. 

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