Jenny Wilson today releases new single ‘IT HURTS’, the latest to be lifted from her much-praised new album ‘EXORCISM’, out now via Gold Medal Recordings. Having previously collaborated with contemporaries including Robyn and The Knife (to whose Rabid Records she was previously signed), ‘EXORCISM’ is Wilson’s fifth studio album, and her first since 2013’s ‘Demand The Impossible!’, which won three gongs at the Swedish Grammi awards.

An intensely, unflinchingly personal album, ’EXORCISM’ deals with the harrowing aftermath of Wilson’s own experience of sexual assault. As its title suggests, the record - geared around her Prophet 6 analogue synthesiser - finds Wilson seeking to divest herself of the recurrent traumas of her attack.

New single ‘IT HURTS’ homes in on the messy aftermath of the trauma itself, particularly fraught attempts to restore personal relationships. Says Wilson; “It’s about losing your inner compass and ending up in a destructive and dark relationship”. 

Jenny has issued the following statement about ‘EXORCISM’.

This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
In so many ways.

At first, I actually didn’t know if I even wanted to go on with music anymore.
Then, something terrible happened to me.

I ended up at a crossroads. 
Either silent  -  or speaking.
It was not an easy choice. 

I didn’t want to talk.
I didn’t manage to talk.

But I had to talk. 

Not to bring justice or to take revenge.
Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

I wanted to take back what I’d lost.
I had to get rid of what was hurting me

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