Shares New Track “Comfort”

Following critically acclaimed cuts ‘Body’, ‘Pressure To Party’ and ‘Head Alone’ - which reached the 6Music A-List - today, Julia Jacklin shares the video for ‘Comfort’, a brand new track from her forthcoming album Crushing out later this month on Transgressive.

Discussing the clip - directed alongside long-time visual collaborator Nick Mckk - Jacklin offered the following;

"Happy Valentine's Day! On tour with First Aid Kit last year I crossed the highway from our Super 8 motel just outside of Santa Rosa, New Mexico and stumbled upon this strange water park. I ran back and dragged Nick out of his bed yelling, "we must make a video!" we only had an hour before we needed to start driving to the next show but we managed to get enough footage of me looking sad to make the clip."



Shares Music Video For ‘Head Alone

Currently in the UK for three intimate sold out performances 

Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin shares the music video to her new single ‘Head Alone’. Directed by her long-time visual collaborator Nick Mckk, Julia explains, "We shot this clip in the streets of Melbourne last minute before tour. We waited until golden hour, Nick sat in the back of a car while my friend tom drove and we just tried it as many times as we could before we lost light. This was the last take; I was exhausted from chasing the car but I think it worked because I gave up being graceful. I couldn't think of what to do for this song because the words mean a lot to me and I didn't want to distract people from the song. I just wanted to act the way the song makes me feel. Empowered and hopeful. Felt sick from the exhaust fumes but I think we captured the feeling.”


Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin announces her new album, Crushing, will be released February 22nd, 2019, via Transgressive Records. To celebrate the announcement Jacklin shares new single ‘Head Alone’. A pointed and electrifying anthem of refusal, she sings “I don’t want to be touched all the time / I raised my body up to be mine”. 


Discussing the song, Jacklin explains… 

I wrote most of 'Head Alone' on tour, singing it to myself, looking out the window on endless car journeys. It's not a song that comes from a singular experience. It came from two years of feeling like the space around me shrinking to the point where I couldn't even raise my arms. This song is me raising my arms and running into an open field. A bit of a plea to those around me to give me space and a song to remind myself that it's okay to enforce boundaries, the good people in your life will listen, adapt and still love you. 


The second full-length album from Julia Jacklin, Crushing embodies every possible meaning of its title word. It’s an album formed from sheer intensity of feeling, an in-the-moment narrative of heartbreak and infatuation. And with her storytelling centered on bodies and crossed boundaries and smothering closeness, Crushing reveals how our physical experience of the world shapes and sometimes distorts our inner lives. The follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2016 debut Don’t Let the Kids Win, Crushing finds Jacklin continually acknowledging what’s expected of her, then gracefully rejecting those expectations. As a result, the album invites self-examination and a possible shift in the listener’s way of getting around the world—an effect that has everything to do with Jacklin’s openness about her own experience.


Telling us about the record, Jacklin offered the following;

I really like this album, I worked hard on it and I really like listening to it. That's not usually how I feel after making something. I've finally come to accept that right now for me, making records is about capturing a time; who I am at that time, what I need to say in the best way I can say it, with minimal studio frills to cover it up. So I'm really happy to announce this one and ready for whatever things get thrown my way because of it. The cover was hard to figure out, seemed like I couldn't think of what kind of image would represent the music in the right way. Hard deadlines always make me more creative surprisingly. I was on tour in the states with my best bud Nick Mckk who takes a lot of my photos, he took my first album cover. We pulled off the highway in Pennsylvania and found a town called Krumsville. There was an antique store with a very friendly owner who let us run free inside. I got the jumper made the day before in NYC, same day I decided on the album name. I think it works. 


Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, Liam Finn) and recorded at The Grove Studios, Crushing sets Jacklin’s understated defiance against a raw yet luminous sonic backdrop. “In all the songs, you can hear every sound from every instrument; you can hear my throat and hear me breathing,” she says. “It was really important to me that you can hear everything for the whole record, without any studio tricks getting in the way.”

On the album-opening lead single “Body” - released last month - Jacklin proves the power of that approach, turning out a mesmerizing vocal performance even as she slips into the slightest murmur. A starkly composed portrait of a breakup, the song bears an often-bracing intimacy, a sense that you’re right in the room with Jacklin as she lays her heart out. And as “Body” wanders and drifts, Jacklin establishes Crushing as an album that exists entirely on its own time, a work that’s willfully unhurried.

And whilst a moving and complex listen, Crushing unfolds with an ease that echoes Jacklin’s newfound self-reliance as an artist. “With the first album I was so nervous and didn’t quite see myself as a musician yet, but after touring for two years, I’ve come to feel like I deserve to be in that space,” she says. Throughout Crushing, that sense of confidence manifests in one of the most essential elements of the album: the captivating strength of Jacklin’s lyrics. Not only proof of her ingenuity and artistic generosity, Jacklin’s uncompromising specificity and infinitely unpredictable turns of phrase ultimately spring from a certain self-possession in the songwriting process.


Crushing will be released February 22nd via Transgressive Records on limited edition vinyl, CD, Cassette and digital and is available to pre-order here.

In addition, Julia Jacklin announces a 2019 UK and European tour which will see her take Crushing on the road shortly after its release. The tour kicks off in Brighton in March and follows on from a handful of sold out intimate live shows later this month. Full list below.

Julia Jacklin Tour Dates & Tickets






Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin shares her first single since releasing the critically acclaimed debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win in 2016 and 2017’s double A-side Eastwick/Cold Caller. “Body” is a stunning melding of delicate guitar melodies and Jacklin’s gentle vocals, which spiral off into a vibrant hum as she explores hard-hitting realities.


Discussing “Body” and its themes, Jacklin offered the following…

“The song speaks for itself I think, but I'd say it's just a very long and exaggerated sigh - born from feelings of powerlessness when it comes to the impossible task of representing yourself the way you think is right; personally and professionally. When you feel like everything is for the taking no matter what you do.”


The track is accompanied by an equally striking visual filmed by Nick Mckk, Julia’s longtime visual collaborator. “Nick and I drove out to the Hay Plain which is one of my favourite parts of Australia. We spent about 14 hours in the car, jumping out when something looked beautiful. Whenever I listened to this song I knew the clip had to be a driving one, destination unknown.”


In addition, Julia Jacklin returns to the UK later this year for a handful of intimate live shows, beginning with a date at London’s Omeara, all of which have sold out in under 48 hours. Full list below;


Tuesday 27th November: Omeara, London, UK *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday 28th November: YES, Manchester, UK *SOLD OUT*

Thursday 29th November: Glad Café, Glasgow, UK *SOLD OUT*


“Body” is out now on Transgressive Records

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