Kate Nash is back with the release of ‘Hate You,’ the latest single from her recently released, critically acclaimed fourth studio album ‘Yesterday Was Forever.’ The bloody tongue-in-cheek video was directed by Aidan Zamiri. Watch the official video for “Hate You” HERE.
“Hate You is putting up with the stuff you shouldn’t. Realising maybe you don’t actually like the person you love. Hate you is finally seeing what you’re being served. You’re emotionally spent and you keep hanging on cause you believe in love. Hate You is for lovers that want something better! Perhaps it’s time to upgrade. The video for Hate You delves into the subconscious narrative. How far can you be pushed when a power greater than you controls your every move. At what point do you lose yourself in someone or something else. What is freedom worth and how do you find that in a controlled and toxic environment.' Nash explains.
Aside from touring North America and Europe in 2018, as well as making appearances at some of the world’s leading music festivals this summer, the British musican, songwriter, activist and actress starred in the wildly popular Emmy Award winning, Netflix Original Series GLOW. Playing the lovable Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson, Kate Nash will be returning to the small screen to work alongside her co-stars for season 3. 
“Hate You” is out everywhere now. .


Today, Kate Nash released her highly anticipated fourth studio album “ Yesterday Was Forever. ” The full-length album is available worldwide and includes recent singles “ Life In Pink” [watch the official video HERE ] and “ Drink About You ” [watch the official video HERE ]. 

Next week on April 4, the British artist, actress and activist will be hitting the road in Vancouver for her North American tour. Her first tour on U.S soil in 5 years since the release of her critically acclaimed album “ Girl Talk .” Tickets and more information for her upcoming tour can be found at www.katenash.com 
As one of the most honest, self-effacing and unpretentious pop-stars Britain has produced in a generation,Kate Nash is never going to let self-consciousness get the better of her. Now aged 30, Nash finds herself in a great place, she’s rediscovered her love for pop, launched a stellar acting career (currently starring in the female wrestling series ' GLOW '), and found communities of intersectional activists and progressive new voices to fight the good fight alongside. 
For her, “Yesterday Was Forever” -- Kate’s fourth album and the first since her self-released 2013 LP“Girl Talk” -- is a phrase straight out of a teenage diary and it contains smatterings of '90s pop-rock (Meredith Brooks, but also The Cranberries, Annie Lennox, Alanis Morissette and similarly forthright yet positive femme rock), alternative dance numbers, and spoken-word confessionals. 
Opening track ‘Life in Pink’ is a bittersweet blend of bubble-gum-pop hooks and driving garage rock, powered by Kate’s honest and affecting lyricism directly addressing her mental health. 'Drink About You'is a rumination on a break-up, but it doesn't feel finite. “It's that thing of breaking up with someone and still pursuing it in a subconscious way. I struggle with letting go.” The chorus is a punch in the face, albeit fun and able to find the light even in the stress of the situation. Elsewhere 'Musical Theater' is a particularly prideful moment for Nash. It's a breakthrough in her writing and a summary of what she's been battling with the past few years. She describes it as a presentation of her own brain. “It's what's going on in my head. That is my anxiety, my mental health issue, my OCD. It's the fear I get in the middle of the night when I'm fighting my brain to not go completely fucking mental. You have to not give up on yourself.” 
The current genre-bending, limitless spectrum for pop is very encouraging to Nash. She feels as connected to the writing world she's been part of (she co-wrote Rita Ora's single 'Poison' with now fully-fledged popstar Julia Michaels), as she is to underground DIY girl bands like London band Dream Wife, and indie heroes such as Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino and LA band Bleached. The supportive network has been a revelation for her, and not what she experienced coming up in the scene. 
It's been a long journey for Kate Nash to feel this at peace with her body, her mind, and her music. With “Yesterday Was Forever ” she closes a chapter on the past and leaps ahead into the future. “I want people to have fun listening to this album, and to become comfortable with who they are. I know that so many people aren't. It's really painful to look at yourself in the mirror, square yourself in the eye and go, 'I like you and I'm OK with being me.' But it's so important and it's fucking liberating when you do.” 
“ Yesterday Was Forever” is out everywhere now. 


New single LIFE IN PINK! is out! Video directed by Liz Nistico of HOLYCHILD






Having just finished shooting season two of the critically lauded Netflix Original series GLOW, internationally acclaimed musician, actress and activist Kate Nash has announced today the release date and title of her fourth studio album, “Yesterday Was Forever,” which drops worldwide on March, 30th.

Along with her exciting album news, Kate Nash has revealed the first official track and video from her full-length, titled “Drink About You.” Listen HERE.
Out today on all digital platforms, “Drink About You” is a wonderfully sugary hit of bubblegum pop powered by a rickety drum machine and twanging LA-Lo-fi guitars, with an infectious scream-along chorus that breaks into the track. Accompanied by a new video, shot in the Los Angeles National Forest and directed by Liz Nistico from Holychild, “Drink About You” points towards a bright and bold future for Kate in 2018. Watch the official video HERE.
On the new single, Kate explains: "’Drink About You’ is about breaking up with someone and becoming obsessed with an idea of who they are, to the point you can’t think of anything else or move on. It’s an unhealthy obsession, you imagine things are better than they are and latch on to whatever you can about the relationship that could be turned to good. And you deal with the pain in an unhealthy way too.”
On working with her friend Liz Nistico from Holychild, she details: “I was in a video that Liz directed when she was living in Mexico for the Holychild song “Rotten Teeth” that I sang on. I admired Liz as a director and was so inspired by seeing a different side to her creativity. I knew I wanted her to direct a music video for me one day! We went for a home made/fd art/DIY inspired set and shot in the beautiful Los Angeles National forest."
On her forthcoming album: "Yesterday Was Forever” is an excerpt from a teenage diary. I used to be mocked for being a silly little girl writing in her diary, but these days I feel like the teenage girl is far more respected than she use to be and it’s teenage girls that have fought for that and taught people that lesson. Yesterday was forever is about your dreams being trapped in a time capsule, being caught in a moment for too long, and looking back through heart shaped glasses.”
In other news, Kate Nash has been busy shooting season two of the Liz Flahive (Homeland), Carly Mensch & Jenji Kohan (Orange is The New Black) created Netflix Original Series GLOW. Recently Nash – who plays the lovable British wrestler Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson – attended the prestigious SAG Awards in Hollywood, where the show and cast were nominated for multiple awards in this year’s ceremony. Season One of GLOW is available to watch now on Netflix.

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