Announces UK tour + shares video for 'Midsummer'

Embarks on a UK tour with Big Thief tomorrow with a London show at Islington Assembly Hall on 10th November 2017

Katie Von Schleicher Tour Dates & Tickets

Debut full-length album Shitty Hits is out now via Full Time Hobby

Katie Von Schleicher shares a video for her current single, "Midsummer". The track is taken from her full-length debut album Shitty Hits, which is out now via Full Time Hobby. 


Katie said the following about the video: "The initial concept sprung from the video for Whitesnake's "Is This Love." We're making fun of the low-concept male rock video format, complete with intolerable guitar shredding, face making and a lovely yet narratively-undeveloped girlfriend. But I think we're upping the level of absurdity here: we have a horse."

Katie is currently on the road in Europe playing live as a special guest of Big Thief and will tour the UK with them between November 1st and 10th 2017, with a London show atIslington Assembly Hall on 10th November. Katie has also been invited to play The Great Escape's First Fifty showcase at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London on 22nd November. Full live dates are below with UK shows in bold. 

Shitty Hits is Von Schleicher's self-produced and co-engineered debut full-length album. The record confronts feelings of isolation and powerlessness; she is not tackling grandiosity, but mediocrity and the struggle of being deeply flawed and unmistakably human. Katie Von Schleicher’s previous release Bleaksploitation was an accident, years in the making. While interning at Ba Da Bing Records, owner Ben Goldberg suggested that she record a cassette for the label to release. It could be anything, demos or a live performance, but she took it a bit more seriously than Goldberg intended. The result was her first self-produced and engineered effort, a strange, hazy, pop-laden tape. Doing her own press under a pseudonym and referring to it as an “album,” Von Schleicher garnered enough attention for Bleaksploitation to see it released on vinyl in the Spring of 2016. Now on her full-length official debut release, Von Schleicher strikes again on the magic that comes from her warped and uncompromising sound. Shitty Hits channels the bright, sunny radio burners of the 1970’s - songs you drive to, carefree, and songs you can cry to.

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