Kyle Craft 

Shares “Exile Rag”

The new country-tinged rock single from his forthcoming album Full Circle Nightmare due out on 2 February via Sub Pop


The country-tinged rock song “Exile Rag” is the new single from Kyle Craft’s Full Circle Nightmare, his forthcoming second album available on CD/LP/DL/CS on 2 February worldwide on Sub Pop. 

While working on a farm in Northern California, Craft coined the term “Exile Rag” for the little tunes he'd pick out on the guitar while everyone slept. Back in Portland, he developed feelings for a woman, that in the end weren’t reciprocated. He’d sit alone in the farm’s workroom, dreaming of his life back in the city and asking himself, “What if?”
When he belts out the line “By the time that her doors closing, and you feel like you’re imposing on that brand new boyfriend she has, she’ll be rolling in new love and you’ll be singing on the Exile Rag,” the song’s feeling of unrequited love is captured perfectly.
Full Circle Nightmare is a straight-up, rollicking rock'n'roll album, it traverses all the different nuances of the genre; it's a timeless piece that could exist in any of the past five decades. It evokes a never-ending night out in a sweaty saloon bar: bottomless rounds, endless packs of cigarettes and hours dancing to the jukebox. It was produced byChris Funk (of the Decemberists), with mixing by Trevor Spencer (Father John Misty) and Benjamin Weikel and Brandon Summers (of The Helio Sequence). The album is the follow up to Dolls of Highland, his acclaimed debut.

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