Album ‘ SAUNA ‘ : Due 2018


How urban and cosmopolitan their music might sound, the LEYYA duo actually shares its roots in a small village in the upper austrian countryside that is famous for its vegetable farms and canning factory. Regardless the countless stories of bedroom producers, moving to the city is rather an obligation than an option if you want to follow your dream of becoming a musician. While Marco Kleebauer (23) and Sophie Lindinger (25) managed to find each other a while back in that village due their shared interest, they both decided to move to Vienna in 2013. Both of them left early musical projects behind to form Leyya in 2014 and immediately get a lot of attention when arriving in the austrian capital. Sending around their earliest demos showed their special talent of creating a unique sound on the edge of Zeitgeist. 
While Marco used his childhood passion for The Beatles to get deeper and deeper into production, weird sounds, effects and drumming (he has an exam from the Viennese Conservatory Of Music), Sophie slightly moved away from her early singer/songwriter-days only to sharpen her skills in writing, singing – and producing, where she also earned a place in Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Vienna in 2015. By then, their first releases, namely an EP called „Drowned In Youth“ including a single of the same name and „Wolves“, made them talk of town and got them a first bunch of airplay on the very influential all-important Austrian alternative radio station FM4. 
It all started to become more and more international when they released „Superego“ in spring 2015. Radioplays all over Europe, a certain blog-hype, placements in TV, film and commercials – it was actually happening. Leyya started to become an international phenomenon. In the upcoming months, showcase festivals (Reeperbahn Festival 2015, Eurosonic, Ment Ljubljana, Tallinn Music Week, The Great Escape) followed and lead to a placement among the 2016 Top 10 list of ETEP (the European Talent Exchange Programme that lists the most requested newcomers along european festival lineups). Leyya went on to release „Butter“ and an renewed, international version of their well received first album „Spanish Disco“, were invited to more festivals, like Iceland Airwaves, and headlined Viennas „Popfest“ back home in Vienna, playing an enthusiastic crowd of 20.000. In 2017, Leyya won the „Radio FM4 Award“ at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards and were invited to play at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, while releasing yet another new song, „Zoo“, to make clear they’re destined to even more exciting times in the near future.
Fun fact: In their early days, the band explained the meaning of their bands name by mentioning it would be a word used in the Inuktitut (Eskimo-) language to describe „marketing strategy“. With many media believing and spreading the story it eventually became a word the Eskimo indeed use to describe something they didn’t need to describe before… who knows!? »

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