Rising star Mali-Koa’s debut release “Honest” first brought her to the attention of Island Records in 2018. Her latest single “Pretend”, releasing December 7th is the first single off the iconic label. Mali has been busy setting creative foundations across both writing and performing - collaborating on label-mate JP Cooper’s “All This Love” and H Block INK’s “Numbers Game”. She also received her first international writing credit working with the US rapper G-Eazy on his recent album title track “The Beautiful and Damned”.  

Wrapping up the year nicely, “Pretend” sets the perfect tone for her heartfelt pop project, her music oozing authentic lyricism and melodies that lend well to the storyteller. “Pretend” is an ideal example of why she is considered to be one of the most exciting new artists to come out of Australia in recent years. Mali’s unique voice, natural charm and lyrical prowess are at the backbone of this project as she invites her already colossal online following to part of the process, whilst also inviting new listeners into her deeply personal and relatable world.

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