Set to release their first “Megson Songbook”

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After months of hard work we now have a bulletproof solution that gives our customers the best building platform.After thirteen years of writing songs together and many requests, acclaimed folk duo MEGSON have compiled their first 'Megson Songbook'. The book will be available to own from 9th November.

The songbook spans the length of their songwriting partnership, from their first song 'Just Stay' written in 2004 to the songs in the latest album 'Good Times Will Come Again’. There are 19 songs in total arranged for easy guitar chords and voice.

Since the duo’s genesis in 2004 the couple have played up and down the country at numerous venues, theatres and festivals picking up a strong fanbase along the way and selling out their extensive tour dates. Their growing talent was recognised not only with 4 nominations for BEST DUO in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards but also with burgeoning interest from the major broadsheets.

Their 8 albums have had rave reviews from the national press with a 4 star reviews in MOJO, THE FINANCIAL TIMES, UNCUT, THE SUNDAY EXPRESS ‘Simply Brilliant’ and THE GUARDIAN ‘the most original duo on the folk scene’.

Also available with the Songbook is a LTD EDITION DOUBLE ALBUM bundle featuring all the tracks in the book PLUS the previously deleted Black&White EP from 2004 (So Much, Oak & The Ash, Freefall, Butternut Hill, Just Stay)


Talking about the Songbook, Stu Hanna told us; "We are really chuffed that after thirteen years of writing songs together as Megson we have finally compiled our first Songbook! We have been asked by our fans to make one for ages,,, but other things have always got in the way. We’d like to say the songwriting process has got easier over time but to be honest it hasn’t. With every album we write, record and perform the need for the song to be as good as it can possibly be grows. This doesn’t mean we enjoy the songwriting process any less though. There is nothing more exhilarating than sharing a song you’ve created with the world, especially something you’ve taken your time to shape and craft. We’ve tried to pick a selection of songs from across all of our albums, especially those that continue to remain in our live set but we're  sure there will be some of your favourites missing. Maybe if badger us enough we'll have to do a Volume 2…”

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