MMODE – Irish sibling duo, Lucy and Thomas Gaffney – announce their self-titled debut album today. MMODE will be released on Friday 8th December 2017. They also share the video for current single Gustav.


The broad themes of the record, the band say, are love, loss and escapism. "A lot of the songs did come out of situations of being completely overwhelmed when we were in England," Lucy says, her brother picking up her train of thought. "When you're young there is a sense of not knowing who you are," Thomas adds. "When you're in your mid-twenties, it's quite a difficult time and that's probably mostly what our album's about. It's trying to deal with feeling out of control, finding that control and how that made us feel."

Their debut single Waiting In The Desert was originally recorded with Mark Rankin (Queens Of The Stone Age, Bombay Bicycle Club, Adele). It originated as a simple folk song written by Lucy, before evolving in the studio to encapsulate the vision and sound of MMODE. Current single Gustav picks up the duo's journey as they headed to Belfast. Written by Thomas, its titular character is that of Gustav Klimt, a print of his piece The Kiss sat framed by the piano.


Originally known as Southern, they scored a record deal when they were 21, moved to Liverpool and quickly began garnering the attention of the industry and fans alike - touring with big names and appearing in fashion shows for Burberry, YSL and Fred Perry. Following a sudden illness the duo returned to Belfast for Thomas to recuperate. Instead of giving up their dream, they reset themselves creatively. They built a home studio in their family home and invited all their friends to come and play with them. "It gave us loads of freedom to become writers and musicians again, and have that kind of carefree feeling you have when you're a teenager jamming with your friends in your mum's garage," says Lucy. Shut away in their own world, they began transforming into MMODE and working on what would become their debut album.


MMODE is immediately different to anything Lucy and Thomas have done before, the dynamic approach brought in completely different styles and perspectives, further developing their fertile creative vision. They describe this new sound as "dreamy, psychedelic alt-pop” and it’s influenced by artists like Beck, Zero 7 and Portishead. The self-titled debut charts their journey, it’s a refreshing listen - one that's hard to pin down and never boring, but also savvily weaves big pop hooks into its layers of intrigue.




Today MMODE release Gustav, the follow up to their infectious debut single Waiting In The Desert. It was written and self-produced by the Irish sibling duo, Lucy and Thomas Gaffney, at their home studio in Belfast. The slow-burning single is one filled with beautiful and melancholic melodies, Lucy’s softly sung verses are met with Thomas’s darkly introspective chorus, and they combine with glorious effect.


The single’s titular character is that of Austrian symbolist artist Gustav Klimt, a print of his piece The Kiss sat framed by the piano in their living room. "I needed someone to talk to and express how I was feeling so I would just sing lyrics at Gustav," Thomas says. "It's like I invented somebody to talk to." 


It is accompanied by three brand new songs to complete the Gustav EP, a taste of what’s to come from the duo’s forthcoming debut album… an instantaneous mixture of classic brooding art-rock, the bouncy, bohemian haze of 90s psychedelia, and infectious melodic pop.

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