Nadia Reid Massive European Summer Tour and Festival Dates

New video for 'Richard':

Taken from her new album Preservation out now on Basin Rock

Fresh from a sold out run around her home country of New Zealand, Nadia Reid has announced a big European summer tour that will stop off at the Green Man, Sea Change, Mosley Folk and End of the Road festivals in the UK. Here is her new video for 'Richard', taken from her second album Preservation released this March to widespread acclaim


An ode to self-reflection and self-betterment, Preservation is the sound of Nadia showing her true colours, taking back a bit of power, and learning more about herself. Deeply intellectual but felt by all, it punches harder than before. Nadia’s beautifully warm vocals coolly wrap around feelings of turbulence and exude a gently improved confidence. “This record is about being OK with who I am in the world, and who I want to be. Learning to live with the fact I’m a person who operates differently to others,” admits Nadia. “I’m richer for the fact I am a musician. Without this way of being, I couldn’t write songs.”

Returning to the production skills of Ben Edwards in his Sitting Room studios in Christchurch and long term guitarist Sam Taylor, this time around everything is rubbed in more grit and channels Nadia’s deftly profound take on life and whilst we already knew it, her own realisation that it is music which drives her. “I remember recording the tracks, it was about 11 at night, and I felt almost transcendental, as if I was out of my body, singing these words to myself. That’s what these songs are; a confession to my future and past self.”

Nadia Reid Tour Dates & Tickets
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