NEWTON FAULKNER is set to head off on tour around the UK and Europe this spring, as special guest of AMY MACDONALD, as he rounds off the campaign for his latest album, HUMAN LOVE.


One of the fan favourites from the album was GONE so, preceding the tour, a brand new video will be available to view online from 17 February. 


Never one to hang around, NEWTON FAULKNER will release his next album, his sixth, towards the end of summer this year, a full decade after the release of his #1 double-platinum debut HAND BUILT BY ROBOTS. This latest collection of songs will be released using the PledgeMusic platform, as Newton explains:

“For this next record, I wanted to get the fans really involved again; trying to find a balance between STUDIO ZOO, where I streamed the whole recording process live, and making a normal record where fans just hear the end result. PledgeMusic is a great platform to meet in the middle, as it involves fans from the very beginning.”


Mike Hemsley, the PledgeMusic campaign manager for the project, added:


“We’re delighted to welcome Newton to the PledgeMusic platform and the existing 3 million plus music fans that make up the PledgeMusic community. We look forward to working with Newton to deliver a top class campaign for his sixth album.”


Newton’s direct-to-fan offerings through PledgeMusic include exclusive merchandise and experiences, including a very special and intimate NEWTON FAULKNER show at the LONDON HOSPITAL CLUB on WEDNESDAY 22 FEBRUARY.


Fans of NEWTON FAULKNER are being invited via PledgeMusic to pre-order the new album and get the chance to be involved in the process. Fans are not being asked for money upfront to make the album. 


NEWTON FAULKNER and his guitars will be back on tour with his new album later in the year.


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