Join our young team and become one of our experts. Work in an agile environmentNina Nesbitt releases her new single ‘The Best You Had,’ the follow-up to ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ which has surpassed 2 million Spotify streams to date. Listen to ‘The Best You Had’ HERE.
Set to a sombre piano melody overlain by pulsating beats and memorable hook, ‘The Best You Had’candidly explores the insecurity felt when an ex finds somebody new. Defined by the psychological conflict between a bruised ego and knowing that the relationship is best left in the past, the emotive track is yet another example of Nina’s songwriting ability, marking a huge progression in her maturity from her debut.
Speaking about the track, Nina says: “‘The Best You Had’ is a song that portrays the complicated feelings you have about an ex moving on. The fear that the new person is better than you. Smarter. Prettier. That they could possibly love them more than they loved you.”
With the release of the track, fans have the opportunity to unlock the official video by following Nina and streaming the song on digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The more they follow and stream, the quicker they reach the target, at which point the video will be revealed for all to see. See the progress .........


Today, Nina Nesbitt reveals the video for her new single ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, which has amassed near to 1.7 million streams since its July release.  Watch the video HERE.
The video draws inspiration from the song’s autobiographical lyrics, which paint a deeply personal portrait of Nina’s journey from childhood to a music career to her first love, the video for “The Moments I’m Missing” is a subdued, intimate affair. Shot on film to reflect the track’s nostalgia, the video incorporates family footage from Nina’s childhood with present day shots of a pensive Nina contemplating her past.
Speaking about the video, Nina says: “We shot the music video in a studio space with projections of me as a kid all over the walls. It felt like being trapped inside my own childhood, in the best way. I just wanted something that would bring the two worlds together and I'm really happy with the outcome. The whole thing was shot on film and I held the box full of it at the end which was quite terrifying. Luckily it didn't get broken or lost.”


“The Moments I'm Missing,” written and produced by Nesbitt, is Nina’s most personal song yet.  Alongside the heartfelt and relatable lyrics is a swirling combination of delicate piano and intricately programmed beats, showcasing Nina as the gifted lyricist and storyteller that she is. Listen to “The Moments I’m Missing” HERE.

Nina says of the track:
“I went home from a session for someone else and I wanted to write a song nobody else could sing but me. I loved how rappers or R&B artists talked about their lives and I wanted to find the singer-songwriter version of that. It's not about missing as in longing; it's about the moments I'm missing from my brain. It's about recollecting.”
The Nina Nesbitt of 2017 is not like the Nina Nesbitt of past, the one who arrived as if from nowhere and scored a UK top 15 album with Peroxide in early 2014. That character-filled voice remains, as does the razor-sharp eye for acute lyrical observations and ear-worm melodies, but Nina is now the artist she has always wanted to be.Join our young team and become one of our experts. Work in an agile environment.

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