Oh Wonder

Sophomore album "Ultralife" OUT NOW



Oh Wonder have released their sophomore album, Ultralife, out now through Republic Records along with the "Ultralife: Making of the Album" documentary directed by their close friend Mike Lee Thomas. Upon release, the album skyrocketed to #4 on iTunes UK Album Chart and #3 iTunes US Album Chart, where it continues to climb. The British duo will be heading out on a fifty-five date world tour performing to more than 100,000 fans, including twenty-four dates in the US, starting on September 12th at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN and leading up to Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA on October 22nd.

In an era in which pop careers require careful planning, Oh Wonder are an anomaly. They’re a band formed by accident not design, a duo who didn’t intend to play live but spent more than a year touring the world, and a major label act who never saw this being anything other than a DIY project.
Ultralife is both Oh Wonder’s extraordinary second album and their debut proper. Its eponymously-titled predecessor, released in late 2015, was a collection of songs they had posted online at the rate of one a month, which millions of listeners fell in love with.
Ultralife’s luminescent lead single and title track sums up Oh Wonder’s new-found self-assurance and vaulting ambition. Easily the most up-tempo song they’ve ever released, it’s a slinky, sensual, piano and beats-driven burst of pure joy itching to soundtrack the start of summer. The albums second single, “High On Humans” is a track that finds new pertinence in the world today, describing the extraordinary power of interaction with everyday people.

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