Shares a video for a brand new track, "Kitchen", available now via Moshi Moshi Records


Pillow Person, the solo project of Sarah Jones, has shared a video for a brand new track entitled “Kitchen”. 

The track was written, recorded and produced by Jones and is the third single to be released from the emerging British artist who until recently has been known for her work in other bands including Hot Chip.

The song and video, which was filmed by Prosper Unger-Hamilton, is "a delightfully erratic track—twisted, wound-up, and unsprung". The director and Pillow Person said the following about the video:

Prosper: "I really needed Pillow Person to be painted gold, but she kept putting the ghillie suit on. This is what collaboration will look like in 2018".
Pillow Person: "I did a great job hiding the fact that I'm painted gold. Seriously - you can barely tell. Must be the Reason Why I'm King of my Kitchen."


Pillow Person's debut single “Go Ahead” (watch the video here) was released last year and has accrued over 215K plays on Spotify. Following a premiere with i-D, it received critical praise from the likes of BEAT, Loud & Quiet, The Sunday Times, Stereogum, Popjustice and NME who called it "as addictive as Pickled Onion Monster Munch". The single featured a Spanish language version on the B-Side as well as the track “In My Game”. The follow-up single, “On Your Way” (watch the video here), was covered by Loud & Quiet and DIY amongst others, the latter describing the track as "a pulsating number that’s part bubblegum pop and part club banger" and the video as "like watching David Cronenberg inject some of his signature body horror into a twee pop video". 

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