ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM! On August 24, 2018 “SUN MACHINE” will be released on Grand Jury!



RUBBLEBUCKET featured in our very first issue: with Survival Sounds voted the album of the year. It was 2014: 


Three years later (and judging by the teaser track FRUITY worth the wait) RUBBLEBUCKET are back with a new record which they announced via Facebook with the statement:-


"To our many friends and fans across far and wide who have come to our shows, listened to our music, shook our hands, hugged us, hugged to us, blown up balloons, worn puppets, crowd surfed with us, or just been moved and open,



On August 24, 2018 “SUN MACHINE” will be released on Grand Jury!

It took us 3 wild years of hard work to write & record, and during that time we evolved HARD, and the world evolved HARD.

This is a bit of a breakup album, a bit of a friendship celebration. It has pastures of grief, lush stacks of healing, curious exploration of sexuality and open relationships, plenty of shredding sax, and the telltale Rubblebucket electric-lit praying mantis parade (if you will).

We can’t wait to embark on the Sun Machine journey with you. Here’s the first taste: a video for our song Fruity … much more to come."


In summer 2015, after finishing a year of intense touring, Rubblebucket’s Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth began the process of bringing their next record to life. As an experiment, Kalmia asked Alex (her longtime romantic partner) to move out while they worked on the album, then accepted the marriage proposal he made during a recording session just a month later. Although Alex soon moved back in, their 11-year relationship ended when the two chose to ‘consciously uncouple’ the following spring—a decision they honored by ceremoniously giving each other matching triangular daisy tattoos (a nod to the title track from Rubblebucket’s 2010 EP). But despite all the sadness brought on by their breakup, Kalmia and Alex kept on writing and recording together, ultimately creating Rubblebucket’s most transcendent album to date.

Co-produced by Kalmia and Alex, Sun Machine documents the pain of ending their romantic relationship, yet emerges as an unbridled and often-euphoric celebration of their lasting connection. While the breakup inspired much of the album, Sun Machine is deeply informed by several other life-changing occurrences in recent years: Kalmia’s diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2013 (followed by a round of surgeries and chemo treatments), Alex’s decision to get sober after a long struggle with alcoholism, and the couple’s three-year-long attempt at maintaining an open relationship. The result is a strange and beautiful paradox: a party album rooted in radical mindfulness, a breakup record imbued with each partner’s palpable love for the other.

With its airy melodies and lavish textures, dream-logic sensibilities and dancey rhythms, Sun Machine radiates the bright and joyful energy encapsulated in its title. “It’s a reference to the sun as this abundant natural resource we all have available to us—but it’s also about the inner sun, the magma in our hearts,” says Kalmia. “When you can access that, you’re able to get through really hard moments, and evolve and develop creatively. I think that’s the best way to explain how I was able to work through the process of the two of us transforming our relationship in a positive way.”


Sun Machine is available for pre-order now (and get your limited-edition copy of Translucent Sun Orange vinyl, plus choose from a whole host of package levels involving such delights as a Sun Machine Corp company jacket, a temporary tattoo sheet, Kal art, sun dot balloons and more.

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