Screaming Females

Premieres “Deeply”  Lyric Video

Seventh Studio Album All At Once Out February 23 on Don Giovanni Records


New Jersey DIY-punk luminaries Screaming Females recently announced their seventh studio album All At Once, due out  February 23, 2018 on Don Giovanni Records. The band have now shared new album ballad “Deeply” with a video featuring front-woman Marissa Paternoster painting the lyrics on the wall of all-ages DIY venue The Black Sheep Cafe in Springfield, IL.  Of the track, Paternoster shares, "Deeply was originally demoed entirely by Mike. We tried to emulate the style he had in the original demo, but it wasn't really working, I so I took some very dramatic liberties with the feel of the song and the slow, dirgey incarnation is what made the album cut." 

The expectations that surround being in a band have changed a lot since Screaming Females started up in 2005.  All At Once is a reminder there's a hopeful and joyful energy to underground music-making. The band collaborated with producer Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Mastodon), setting out to make an album in the spirit of a salon-style gallery show, where larger pieces provide an eye-level focal point to a galaxy of smaller works. Concision took a back-seat to experimentation, with arrangements meant to evoke the energy and spontaneity of their live performances.

Formed in 2005, Screaming Females is singer/guitarist, Marisa Paternoster, bassist Michael Abbate and drummer, Jarrett Dougherty.

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