Screams On Sunday

Release new single “No Room to Escape


Spanish rock band Screams On Sunday know how to use up electricity to make a speaker -their speaker- of the world. Halfway between Madrid and London, they continue their expansion and growth with the presentation of their new single No Room To Escape, a song with a social and political theme that makes us wear the refugee’s shoes that are forced to emigrate to The West.


Screams On Sunday is a Madrid, Spain based alternative rock band whose catchy sound is best described as a blending of melodic guitar solos combined with hardcore and classic rock rhythms and a touch of roughness and sweetness in vocals. The newness of the sound and the changes of melody and rhythm throughout the songs make the band's music inventive and unique. 

Screams On Sunday is formed by Alber Baz (Bass Guitar), Pepe Beuzeville (Drums), Dani Nieva (Rhythm Guitar) and Patty Noa (vocals). They officially start as a band in October, 2013. As each of them has different influences, the music that results of the five of them working together produces a mixture of bands like All Time Low, Muse, Linkin Park, Halestorm, No Doubt or A Day To Remember.


The band released in 2016 the single "Behave" which took their music and sound to a whole new level. Their first EP, “Call Reality A Lie”, was released in March 2014, a compilation that includes the band's first five ever-written songs. 

"The Night" and "No Room To Escape", their newest singles, were recorded at Sound-Hub Studios and mastered at Metropolis Studios (UK). 

Screams On Sunday stands out for its energetic and powerful shows, full of spirited performances while playing songs at their fullest. Screams On Sunday has played in the UK and Spain. The band has played big outdoor festivals, and legendary Spanish venues like Siroco. The band has also been interviewed several times in Spanish radios and their music has been played in international radios. 

With a name origin quite special (hearing sisters' Screams On Sunday mornings should not be a nice experience) these five people love having fun, sharing music and having lunch and dinner in buffets whenever they can.


The leitmotiv that leads their way is being honest with themselves and offering the public the most sincere version of their work, no need for paraphernalia. They know this is not just about making noise in the media but also to sound great so that people can listen to you, besides going out onstage and play, not just infecting the crowd with the joy of the moment but also yearning for a future project in which to continue offering more of themselves.


They touch different genres like hard rock with classic brush strokes, reinvented for today’s listener, fast and bright pop-punk rhythms and discern 90s alternative rock. Curiously, people in the UK and the USA generally agree when comparing them to bands like No Doubt, but they are more like a more rock version of them. They have My Chemical Romance’s eloquence and are inspired by bands like All Time Low, with whom they share that connection of live band but with a more 80s sound. Amongst their influences you can find Papa Roach or Fall Out Boy, for example.


No Room To Escape is a blunt song of a more slow and deliberate tempo than their previous songs, with a more trascendental feeling and a melody that grows exponentially until it breaks in the chorus. Besides this mere label of novelty, it comes as a breath of fresh air, different to what they had shown us until now. Their new single marks a contrast in the topic of the songs, and it’s musically stimulating to those who have already listened to them a thousand times or for those that have just discovered them.

Determined to leave a mark and not leave anyone indifferent, the band keeps walking their own path, oblivious to the style of the moment, and that passion for fresh blood should be enough to stop our time and pay them the attention they deserve.

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