An Evening with She Makes War

Tickets on sale for a night of grunge and glitter in London, Birmingham and Bristol


An Evening with She Makes War

Bristol solo artist She Makes War has announced three "An Evening with..." shows in London, Birmingham and Bristol this December.

Blending urgent indie rock with melancholy torch songs, SMW completed recording her fourth album this summer and since then has been busy recording guest vocals on The Levellers’ 30th anniversary album, taking part in a British Council cultural exchange in Indonesia and touring Europe by train and car.


Featuring full band and solo sets, the concerts will span her 7 year back catalogue and preview brand new material from her fourth album, due out next spring.

Limited edition art prints + colour tees also available via MusicGlue.

She Makes War releases new band video for power pop anthem "I Want My Country Back"


Bristol artist She Makes War has followed up her politically pertinent power pop anthem "I Want My Country Back" with an ambitious multi-band music video.


The video features leading UK post-rockers Thought Forms (including bassist Jim Barr (Portishead, Get The Blessing) plus three more band lineups of guest musicians and a crowd of slogan-bearing fans, showing compassionate strength in numbers against an ever more hateful media and calling out the likes of Theresa May, Paul Dacre and Katie Hopkins as complicit in this:


"I want my country back from unelected liars, hypocrites and sleazy hacks"

Described so far as “an awesome, astute, subversive, catchy political protest song”, “a hard-hitting tune, dripping in riffs, that’s an ear-worm and uplifting” with “massive melodies”, for fans of Weezer, Veruca Salt, Green Day, Belly, Lush and The Breeders, the song is available as a free download until the end of election day.


As Laura wrote, "I invited people to participate in the video because the song isn’t about me – everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, in the same way that everyone’s vote should be respected."


A separate slogan video was released last week after so many submissions were received that she felt they deserved their own dedicated spotlight - this features messages from artists, performers and fans including Robin Ince, Marc Burrows (The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing), Sean McGowan, Nick Parker and Deux Furieuses.


"I Want My Country Back" is out now on Strataville.

She Makes War

'I Want My Country Back' - She Makes War Roars in Protest with New Single.

As the UK general election approaches, She Makes War (aka solo artist Laura Kidd) jabs a lyrical finger at the British government, mainstream press and institutionalised bigotry. With scathing lyrics and searing guitars, this heartfelt protest song roars with irony and rocks with shout-along melodies.

I Want My Country Back is an unapologetic rallying cry for our time. It rails against the deafening rhetoric of 'the other' peddled by the popular press and calls for compassion.

“I’m so tired of the racist, xenophobic nonsense we’re pelted with daily, particularly in relation to the international refugee crisis and immigration in general.

The song’s title and chorus twist the phrases we’ve heard so much in recent times away from the right wing, send-them-all-home mentality towards encouraging people to have compassion for those from other backgrounds, and to consider sharing the great privileges we enjoy just by accidentally being born in this country.”


To encourage sharing and in the spirit of protest, the song is available as a free download until the general election on June 8th. Sharing is caring! It can also be streamed from all the major platforms.

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