TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK announce new single


TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK, A.K.A. Sarah Jones (Pillow Person) and Anthony Silvester (XX Teens), today share a new song, a slow, burbling electronic track in the shape of “K + B”, set for release on 21st July 2017 via the duo’s own label, NFNF Records.

About the track, which was produced by Hot Chip’s Felix Martin, TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK said the following:
““K + B” started as part of a film score that we’d been asked to write, but following a ride that Sarah took with the owner of the white car from their previous video and a visit to the nan bed, it developed into something much slower. We then went to Felix Martin and asked him for help.”


TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK (T+T) are Sarah Jones (Pillow Person) and Anthony Silvester (XX Teens). To date the duo has released a couple of singles; the first of which was “Small Victory” (via Parlour Records in 2014) and which featured remixes by Joe Goddard and Grosvenor (Rob - Black Peaches). The self-directed video, shot entirely on VHS tape, paid tribute to composer Robert Ashley and his 1978-82 television opera 'Perfect Lives'. Their second single, “The Good Way” was released on their own label last year and came with a video narrative created from a found photograph which involved the countryside, a car and the splits. TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK are currently working on an EP for release later this year.
NFNF (Never Forgive Never Forget) is a small London-based independent record label started in 2016 by Sarah Jones (Pillow Person) and Anthony Silvester (XX Teens). Originally formed in order to release TECHNOLOGY + TEAMWORK’s second single, it also became an enabler for the more irreverent ideas and side-projects of friends and people they admired. The label has also released singles from music-veterans Chips for the Poor and has upcoming releases from Night Sim and Charlie March.

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