Live Nation’s One’s To Watch Release "She's A Mystery"

Here's the new gritty rock n' roll video for "She's A Mystery" from Southern California four-piece The Jacks, which was released via Live Nation’s One’s To Watch.  Heavily influenced by the British Invasion of the 1960s and 70s, The Jacks have developed a rare sound that is unruly, bold, and hard to be ignored.

The Jacks stand by their claim, “We are not a rock band, we are a rock n’ roll band.” 
From their live shows to their recording techniques, they keep integrity to who they are and how they believe their music should sound. The 4-piece doesn’t hide behind auto-tune, click tracks, or backing tracks, what you hear is what you get. 

With their new single "She's a Mystery" and an EP release , The Jacks are “holstering loads of promise, so it’s time you gave them a listen, have the advantage of being able to shout ‘I heard ’em before they got famous’ when they crack the big time, and indulge in some great music” . 


Jonny Stanback - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Tom Hunter - Lead Guitar
Scott Stone - Bass Guitar
Josh Roossin - Drums & Percussion

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