The Just Joans

Share video for "I Only Smoke When I Drink"

Taken from forthcoming album You Might Be Smiling Now... Due out next Friday, 1 December via Fika Recordings

In anticipation for the release of their long awaited new album You Might Be Smiling Now... (due out on Fika Recordings on 1 December), cult Scottish band The Just Joans share the video for single "I Only Smoke When I Drink". The perfect way to get in the mood for a Friday night on the town.  The album is; "an exploration of angst, heartbreak and detachment, delivered with a flash of humour from the bottle of a whisky bottle (or should that be a Buckfast bottle)."

Songwriter and guitarist David Pope says this of the song: "“I only smoke when I drink” is an ode to the tragicomedy that is the weekend. TFI Friday quickly evaporates to be replaced by FML Sunday, and the perpetual search for someone to stay in with inevitably ends in heartache and hangovers. Older but not much wiser, let’s raise a glass, light a cigarette and tell ourselves...maybe next weekend."

Quote from the video director, Jason Sweeney (Director) - "The video was shot in and around Glasgow's notorious Sauchiehall St and anyone that's been on a night out anywhere should identify with the 'angst-hope-angst' trajectory as mirrored in the song and video, and possibly also in sourcing then dealing with the aftermath of nicotine."
The band will be playing a few live dates, including an album launch in Glasgow on 2 December at McNeil's Bar for a special festive show, as well as a headline date at The Lexington in London in February 2018.

The Just Joans Tour Dates & Tickets

The Just Joans

Share new single "O Caledonia"

The Just Joans

 Announce new album You Might Be Smiling Now... Due out on 1 December via Fika Recordings

Listen to "Biblically Speaking" here

Taken from the forthcoming album You Might Be Smiling Now... Due out on 1 December via Fika Recordings


The Just Joans share the new single "O Caledonia", taken from the forthcoming full-length, You Might Be Smiling Now…, due out on Fika Recordings on 1 December, which will be their first new album in almost a decade.  The band is now a sextet, and the multitude of instrumentation and melodic input has inflated their sound to grander and weightier size, without losing any of the charm, bitterness or dynamism that makes them a noteworthy, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable listen in any situation.
Songwriter and guitarist David Pope says this of the song: "‘O Caledonia’ is a song inspired by my four-year-old niece who is, as yet, completely oblivious to the pain, misery and heartache that lies in wait just around the corner. This is our message to the young: You Might Be Smiling Now... Perhaps it’s the legacy of John Calvin and strict Northern Presbyterianism. Perhaps it’s the miserable weather and shite football. Either way, there feels a peculiar doom-laden cynicism at the heart of the Scottish psyche. Life is long and hard and filled with sin and guilt, and that’s the way it’s meant to be. Enjoy the song - or, actually, don’t enjoy the song. Just set your face against the wind and endure it."
The band have also announced a few live dates, including an album launch in Glasgow on 2 December at McNeil's Bar for a special festive show, as well as a headline date at The Lexington in London in February 2018.

The Just Joans Tour Dates & Tickets


Cult Scottish miserabilists The Just Joans are delighted to announce the upcoming release of You Might Be Smiling Now… – their first new album in more than a decade – following the band’s signing to Fika Recordings.
They're sharing the new single "Biblically Speaking", here. It is the wittiest song you'll hear all  a pleasurably aware intermingling of vivacious pop and caustic waggishness from the Glasgow band

Songwriter David Pope explains more; "'Biblically Speaking' is a song about the fear of eternal damnation, set to handclaps. It's about a young man who's trying to balance his religious upbringing with his baser lustful instincts. A devil on one shoulder, an angel on the other and a pint of weak lager in his hands."
Formed in Glasgow in 2005, The Just Joans have evolved from two-piece to a shambling sextet that embrace rivalry and relationship in the vocals of siblings, David and Katie Pope. Once described by Is This Music as, "the missing link between The Magnetic Fields and The Proclaimers", the band have used self-awareness and self-deprecation to continuously explore themes of angst, heartbreak and detachment in their songs.
From their 2006 debut album Last Tango in Motherwell through a series of successful EPs to 2012’s compilation, Buckfast Bottles In The Rain, the acerbic wit in David Pope’s observational lyrics have helped make the band icons of the indie-pop scene and a favourite fixture at the annual Indietracks festival.
This year’s long-awaited follow-up offers more of the same cynicism, but from an older if not necessarily wiser perspective as evidenced on lead single No Longer Young Enough and You Make Me Physically Sick (Let’s Start Having Children), a jaundiced slice of toybox pop that crosses The Human League and Harold Steptoe.
Complementing this shift in tone comes a new electronic sound on tracks A Matter of Time and Someone Else That You Like More Than Me while Oh Caledonia sails along at a blistering pace like no Just Joans lament before it.
Despite the band’s obvious maturity, You Might Be Smiling Now... still manages to maintain all the emotional charm and whimsical melodies that led The List to view The Just Joans’ songs as ‘a lovable blend of sleepy acoustic guitars, Brian Wilson-esque harmonies and West Coast sarcasm.’
Discussing his band’s new album, singer-songwriter David Pope said: “You Might Be Smiling Now... could be considered a loose concept album. The songs detail the confusion in my teenage years, the horror of my twenties and the terror of my encroaching middle age. It's somewhat self-indulgent, but I hope that these wee stories about small town boredom, drunken romance and misty-eyed nostalgia resonate with the other overgrown teenagers out there in their mid-thirties.”
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The Just Joans are David Pope (vocals and guitar), Katie Pope (vocals), Chris Elkin (lead guitar), Fraser Ford (bass guitar),Doog Cameron (keyboards) and Jason Sweeney (drums).

The Just Joans

Share video for "No Longer Young Enough"

Following their staggeringly great debut on the ​mainstage at the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire last month, The Just Joans share the warm and touching video for their new single "No Longer Young Enough".


The Just Joans

Reveal brand new single "No Longer Young Enough"

Named after a long-standing agony aunt from a popular Scottish newspaper, The Just Joans formed in Glasgow in 2007. Over the last ten years, they have released a series of EPs on WeePOP! and have built something of a cult following among navel-gazing indie types. Their songs detail the highs and lows (mainly lows) of modern life, with a particular focus on failing relationships and missed opportunities. Musical touchstones for the band include The Magnetic Fields, The Shangri-Las, Smokey Robinson, The Kinks and Orange Juice.

Now, after a recording hiatus of several years, The Joans are back with a brand new single "No Longer Young Enough", a girl group-esque ode to that realisation when facing a Saturday night of clubbing that you'd much rather stay in, read a good book and feel fresh in the morning. The brilliant track essays the routine of life with feeling and extraordinarily  sensitive lyrics and a dreamy catchy hook


The single also features original artwork by painter and singer with the band, Katie Pope.

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