The Nectars

Debut single ‘Heaven’

New York alt-punk mavericks The Nectars have today revealed the video for their debut single ‘Heaven’, a three and a half minute ride into art-rock debauchery.

Vocalist Jessica Kenny says about the song ;“’Heaven’ is a song that talks about finding strength in the freedom that comes along with ridding yourself of toxicity. Sometimes we get so deep down in a negative situation that we stop seeing the beauty around us, the ‘Heaven.’ I hope listeners can relate and connect to this concept and let it act as a reminder that it’s never too late to free yourself and start living the life you want and deserve!”


Lo-fi and exciting, the video is a perfect snippet of their charisma and raw energy. It showcases a breakneck ride through the electrifying power of their live performance, with its iconic simplicity accentuating their sheer attitude and sass.

“When it came to the video for ‘Heaven’, we went with a DIY approach, low budget, and got it done in a couple of hours! The overall yellowish hue yousee in the video felt like it went perfectly with the vibe of the song in general.”

The band continue their assault on the NYC live scene with a show tonight at Boontunes, and at Meatlocker on the 27th.

Their punk-inflamed guitars, harmonic melodies and raw vocals lay a foundation that’s as influenced by EDM and funk as it is by their scorching live performance. Their approach harks back to the New York punk / pop scene of the late 70’s, but brings a modernity of sound that these new millennial tech-savvy creatives can lay claim to.

Breaking out of the suburbs of New Jersey, the four-piece consisting of members Jon Paul (bass / vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums / vocals), Michael Baron (guitar / vocals) and lead vocalist Jessica Kenny, have created a style that’s edgy, energetic and full of attitude.

The band promise: "We are currently working on our debut album which will be coming out this summer. Stay tuned guys ....and more importantly, Stay Sticky. “


Conceived in the shadow of New York City late 2016, some 20 miles west of its lavish neon clutches, The Nectars climbed out of the tangled New Jersey suburbs and into the local alternative rock consciousness. Still under a year since inception, they’ve already mercilessly plundered local studios for free recording time, creating over 10 tracks, shooting three videos and turning down early record label interest. They do things their way. The Nectars’ punk inflamed guitars, inventive harmonic motion, trashy beats and raw vocals lay a foundation influenced by EDM, funk and scorching live performance. Their approach harks back to the punk / pop scene New York circa 1975 but brings a modernity of sound and approach that only new millennial techno creatives can lay claim to.

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