As momentum continues to build following a North American tour announcement, Interscope/Vertigo Records’ artist The Night Game aka Martin Johnson has unveiled yet another stellar track, this time titled “Bad Girls Don’t Cry” which is available worldwide from today. The infectious track features a massive scream-along chorus and toe-tapping beats, destined to turn into one of the year’s biggest party records. Watch the brand new video for  “Bad Girls Don’t Cry” HERE.
"I’ve never been one for the whitewashed past or white lies of a saint. I’ve always preferred the honest outlaw." Johnson told V Man when talking about the new song and the girl he met in Las Vegas who inspired it. "When I asked about her past she looked me in the eye and said, “bad girls don’t cry.” He continues. "I got in the car and drove home to finish the album." Talking about his upcoming North American tour which starts on March 17, he explains he's  "looking forward to hopping back in the van with the boys and playing it out on the road next month...It excites me to get this song out into the world because when played live it charges me with that bit of extra nitrous for the rest of the set — just like she did. And wherever she is I owe her one." Join our young team and become one of our experts. Work in an agile environment.


Following a North American headlining tour announcement last week, Interscope/Vertigo Records’ The Night Game has released a stunning new stripped down rendition of the worldwide hit single “Kids In Love.” Fans might be more familiar with Norwegian DJ/producer Kygo’s version of the track, which also features The Night Game’s Martin Johnson (who wrote on the track) but they are certain to fall for this nostalgia-inducing ballad-esque version 
"I used to come home for the holidays or long weekends to the suburbs of Massachusetts and want it to be exactly the way I left it. To drive into the high school and slip right into the secret spot in the faculty lot where you could park and not get towed. To meet up with old friends on the main drag and pile into my old jeep to run over trash cans and four-wheel down power line roads. To pull down my high school sweet-hearts driveway and have her look at me the same way she did when she was 17. After a while that fantasy faded. Everything started to look small and no longer mine. The guy behind the bar at the local coffee shop forgot my order. They bulldozed over the old diner and put in a CVS, paired with a freshly painted parking lot. Old lovers and friends got new lives with new people in them. The nostalgic kiss had soured. It no longer felt good to bathe in the youthful memories of simpler times. It was hard to let her go because it wasn’t just about her. It was about the town. It was about reckless abandon. It was about dumb lust and idol boredom. I was mourning the loss of youth but it was time to say goodbye."Join our young team and become one of our experts. Work in an agile environment.


Boston band The Night Game dropped the official video for their latest single, the brilliant “Once In A Lifetime” (Vertigo/Interscope Records). The song – out now on all DSP’s worldwide --  the man behind the band, Martin Johnson, said about the track. “There was a self-destructive time in my life when it was challenging to walk out my front door, and the world in my head was more dangerous then the world outside," Johnson tells Billboard.  "'Once in a Lifetime' takes me back to the moment that started with a pinhole of light, and ended with a chance to leave that life behind." Watch the moody video, shot in New York City HERE.

Released this fall, in conjunction with news of The Night Game’s worldwide record deal with Universal’sInterscope and Vertigo Records, “Once In A Lifetime” serves as the follow up to the band’s critically-acclaimed debut single, “The Outfield,” a song so infectious that it caught the attention of John Mayer, leading to his asking the band to join his North American Tour. 
The Night Game can also be heard on “Kids In Love,” the title track off Norwegian DJ/producer Kygo’s new album, co-written by and featuring Johnson. Currently sitting at 20 million streams on Spotify, “Kids In Love” was praised by Billboard for its “strong vocals and rock spirit”, citing a “hint of Springsteen.” .
Originally hailing from a small town outside of Boston, The Night Game entered the musical arena full-steam with their debut single “The Outfield,” 

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