The Venus Reaction’s double A-side single is all out rock with an affectionate nod to the melodic punk of the late 1970s.

Having spent the last decade or so playing behind or beside better-known artists. David Donley decided four years ago to do a project that would be exactly how he wanted it to be. With no help from the industry, no PR, no Management, not even crowd funding and here is that record. It's been a long journey and it has not been done as a career booster, or as a money maker (if all 500 singles sell he shall just break even). It is something genuinely heartfelt and living up to the true DIY punk ethic. 

Limited to 500 copies worldwide on ultra-clear vinyl, it comes with: full colour picture sleeve; a download card featuring both tracks in HQ MP3; the original demo with Chelsea Riley on Vocals & David Donley on all instruments; lyrics to both songs;, and an illustrated biography.


Featuring: Amie Conradine (Evarane) on vocals, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols/Rich Kids) on bass, Ed Graham (The Darkness) on drums, and project leader/producer David Donley on guitar.
Produced by David Donley.

Mixed by Jim Lowe (Stereophonics) and mastered by John Davis (White Lies/Led Zeppelin).

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Price: £7.99


'Crashing Up' - Lyrics by Chelsea Reilly, Chelsea suffered extreme bullying at school to the point she had to leave. She was singled out for how she looked & her different take on life. She wrote 'Crashing Up' about the way society sets standards for the way you should look. Her coloured hair and individuality made her a target & in the wake of tragedies like the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 this is clearly unacceptable. 'Crashing Up' was her phrase that summed up the way she fought back.


'Lifetime'  david told us "I wrote the song because at the time I was going out with someone nearly 10 years younger than me, it wasn’t an issue but I couldn't help wishing we were closer in age. The opening line "where were you when I was gorgeous?" sums the whole song up really. At the time I wasn't doing as well with music as I wanted & I felt time was running out. So it's really a song about time & the fear of it running out before you’ve achieved what you wanted to, which of course it eventually will.


‘Crashing Up’ – Original demo version (2013)
“If Chelsea & I thought this was ever going to be released to the public we’d probably not have slammed it down so fast! I quite like the naiveté of it. Chelsea had never recorded her voice before & had only just started singing. I put the drums down using a fairly cheap electronic kit & then got the other instruments down pretty quick so we could get on with Vocals. Chelsea’s got some lungs on her now but we thought it’d fun to include this version with the single, it’s what kick started everything else”.


David told us story behind 'The Venus Reaction'


 "I'm very lucky to have played with the artists I have & also to have crewed as a tech for the likes of Viv Albertine, Midge Ure, & The Jim Jones Revue to name but a few.

I felt after ten years I'd neglected that I write, & that I used to have a band that was mine, or a project that was driven by me. Initially, I was going to do a solo single & play everything, even sing, just put it out & be glad it existed, that's it. 

Once I'd written 'Crashing Up' with Chelsea I was inspired again, 'Lifetime' was a track I'd already demo- ed & liked so I decided those were the two tracks. Chelsea & I demo-ed 'Crashing Up' but I didn't think my drums were strong enough, I wanted them to be like Ed Graham) plays so I just asked him "will you play drums on this?" & he just said "Yes". 


I'd met Amie by this point & I didn't want the project to be a duo of me & Ed so I decided to go for the one off band Idea. So Amie was in which just left the Bass position. It seemed ridiculous to ask Glen (Matlock) despite him being the obvious choice, the thought of Ed & Glen as the rhythm section on this was just too good to ignore so I asked Glen & he was up for it. On 'Lifetime' I was just going to leave my Bass track on but I'd been in The Philistines' with Jim (Lowe) as well as his solo project 'Atlantic Machine' & as a bassist he always had a great mix of simplicity, power, & melody so I thought it'd be cool to have him re-do the Bass on 'Lifetime', & it sounds great. 


Once it was recorded & Jim mixed it there was a painfully long wait for things to get moving, mainly because I just wanted to get it right, I needed someone with my enthusiasm to get behind it & finally I met Chris Topham from Plane Groovy Records. I'd met a friend of his at a party & told her the tale of the single & she suggested I send her an MP3 & she'd get it to Chris. 


Chris's immediate reaction matched my own enthusiasm & that was it, Plane Groovy would release it on both physical & digital formats & world-wide distribution would be handled by


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