Nottingham based These Your Children are back with their brand new single ‘Get Up And Go’.  The track stays true to These Your Children’s signature sound with crystal clear vocals and hooky harmonies that keep you wanting more. The track is a classic tale of heartbreak with These Your Children’s own strength shining through as they tell their lover to ‘Get Up and Go’ instead of causing more pain. The track is out now viaHomemade Records and is available on all digital platforms 


Of the track, Rebeka says: ‘Get up and Go’ was written in Nottingham after a time where one of us had a rough experience with Love. It came out of a desire to empower the hurting heart. Have you ever felt angry, bitter towards someone? Yeah, this is that song.


About These Your Children:

Rebeka Prance and Joe Baxter, better known as These Your Children, are an exciting and forward-thinking singing-songwriting duo from Nottingham. Growing up together from birth they both came from musical backgrounds, enjoying a healthy upbringing of Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Earth Wind And Fire, all of whom they cite as some of their key musical inspirations.

Joe's initial music involvement started at an early age when he learnt to play the drums and guitar which lead him to develop a passion for songwriting that later culminated in him studying a Jazz Drums Degree at Birmingham Conservatoire. Similarly, Rebeka developed a fondness for Jazz from a young age which shaped her listening choices growing up, admitting that she “didn't know pop music existed until the Spice Girls.” As a child she was a keen singer which lead her towards “The Arts” and in turn she developed as a vocalist and eventually went on to study a degree in Vocal Music Performance at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford. 

Built upon a foundation of a longstanding friendship, These Your children  officially formed in September 2011 while they were both at university and where they began to receive positive feedback from their YouTube videos reworking favourites such as Al Green's, 'Let's Stay Together' and Corinne Bailey Rae's, 'Put Your Records On'. By the following year they were writing more of their own material with the support of one of Rebeka's lecturers and towards the end of 2012 and into 2013 they were gigging the new material and started recording their EP.

Their songwriting process differs from song to song as does the period of time from conception to completion. Sometimes Joe will have an idea, he'll take it to Rebeka and then they will “wrestle with the song, shape it and mould it,” together. On other occasions they prefer to write separately as they find it can be difficult sometimes to fully explain and portray an emotion to someone else. Similarly, this process can last up to an hour or on the rare occasion it can take up to six months. 

These your Children describe their sound as 'storytelling music that aim is to take you on a journey' with an undercurrent of African freedom songs that combine passionate vocals and delicate melodies. Releasing their 4 track EP ‘Fires’ at the end of 2015, it garnered attention from publications such as tmrw magazine, The 405 and more with it’s honesty and intimate vocals used to explore an emotive angle, yet showcasing their eagerness to experiment with a bolder, tribal sound.

2017 saw These Your Children return with a stellar singles ‘Sing For You’ in the middle of the year and ‘Get Up and Go’ which sees them pick up where they left off; as the songwriting duo that should be on your radar.

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