Tiny Magnetic Pets supporting OMD (20 dates)

The band have just announced that they will be touring with OMD as sole support in October / November. This will be for all dates on their 20 date UK / Ireland tour, including the Roundhouse in London.

OMD Tour Dates & Tickets

Tiny Magnetic Pets

Dublin's TINY MAGNETIC PETS release their new album 'Deluxe / Debris'. It's an LP of pop infused Germanic synthpop featuring two collaborations with ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür


Named after the collectable Japanese toy, Tiny Magnetic Pets are unusual on the current Irish music scene. Rather than be influenced by singer / songwriters or indie rock, the inspiration behind their music comes from Bowie’s Berlin period, 70’s krautrock, 80’s synthpop and early disco. With the quintessentially pop vocal delivery of Paula Gilmer, it could be said that Tiny Magnetic Pets operate in uncharted musical water, somewhere between Kylie and Kluster.

The band have accrued strong support for their blend of electronic European pop. Ex-Visage member and founder of the Blitz club, Rusty Egan, has been an enthusiastic champion with a remix of their track ‘Control Me’. Another fan is Andy McCluskey from OMD who in 2016 recommended the band “for all lovers of distinctive electronic music”. After opening for NEU! legend Michael Rother at the Electri-City festival in Düsseldorf, they played a blistering show which led to them opening for ex-Kraftwerk member, Wolfgang Flür. That show was a defining moment for Tiny Magnetic Pets, leading to two collaborations with the technopop legend on this new album.

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