Join Tom Chaplin For New Single ‘Midnight Mass’

Taken From New Album ‘Twelve Tales of Christmas’ OUT NOW

Christmas is an emotional time of year no doubt but the stunning video for the new Tom Chaplin single ‘Midnight Mass’, will bring a tear to even a cynics eye.

Taken from his acclaimed new album ‘Twelve Tales of Christmas’, the video was shot in East London amongst a mass of Tom’s friends and family, their beloved dogs and stars Dudley Sutton, one of Tom’s acting heroes (who starred in the 90’s classic TV show Lovejoy).
Based on a true story, the video captures a reality not always explored in Christmas music.  It touches on loneliness and isolation but ultimately embraces the true spirit of the song and the festive season in its coming together. It’s as heartfelt as the music, which was recorded with a choir and full orchestra at Abbey Road’s Studio 2.
Tom opted to ignore the longstanding showbiz rule, never work with kids or animals for this warm and fuzzy video.
“As far as quirky festive videos go, this one is right up there,” Tom says. “It’s based on a true story of an old guy who ran a London dog club. He died shortly before Christmas without any close family and friends around him but a memorial was held and attended entirely by the owners of the dogs from his club...and, of course, their faithful friends.”
Tom and his band play three special shows next month.

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