New single & video 'See (feat. Beacon)! Album 'Epoch' out now via Ghostly International.


Tycho has announced the release of 'See (Feat. Beacon),' the first ever song featuring vocals from the GRAMMY® Award-nominated dance/electronic project. The track is available at all digital music retailers and streaming services today.
'See (Feat. Beacon)' began its journey as a instrumental track on Tycho’s acclaimed 2014 album, AWAKE, but soon took on a new form with a bubbly remix from fellow Ghostly International artists Beacon, melding the original track’s serene energy with buoyant dance grooves and gossamer vocals from the New York-based duo’s own Thomas Mullarney III. 2017 saw Tycho and Mullarney team up onstage for stellar live renditions of “See” during Tycho’s remarkable Coachella sets – the band’s first ever performances to see them joined by a vocalist. “See (Feat. Beacon)” was soon re-recorded as a proper collaboration, uniting Tycho’s mesmerizing melodies and stuttering percussion with Beacon’s trademark vocal approach, resulting in an astonishing and altogether original new sound from both acclaimed outfits.

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