URF’s For the Ride EP is a slick foray into a cutting-edge blend of neo-psychedelic shoegaze which incorporates a series of more melodic, 90s inspired vocal hooks and melodies. The thematic conception of the songs had occurred to lead singer Abbi Parcell following the release of the band’s first single Athena in August 2017. URF have been working tirelessly ever since in an attempt to carve out their own distinctive sound amidst a swamped Manchester alternative scene – describing their sound as a collage of their divergent influences that range from Suede and Patti Smith to Slowdive, The Cure, Mogwai, The Black Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. URF have created a jagged yet spacey collection of tracks that seek to directly express the uncertainty of contemporary life, relationships and the often-cynical thoughts that occur within it. For the Ride’s restless slippery bass grooves and hypnotic outros make for a profound exploration of emotional decline from the often-softened or shamefully neglected female perspective in alternative music today.

URF are comprised of songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Abbi Parcell, synth and keyboardist Sophie Erasmus, drummer Jack Biggs, bassist and backing vocalist Ben Pratley, and songwriter and lead guitarist Scott Woodcock. The five of them met amidst Manchester’s local scene, sharing a deep passion for music with an experimental flare. With growing radio support and a string of support slots including: ORB, Bloody Knees, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Has A Shadow and Pretty Vicious under their belt, they’re now set to release their debut For the Ride EP independently on May 4th. The band are currently in talks with a number of promoters with regard to festival appearances during 2018’s festival season as well as a headline show at Manchester’s Night People following the release of For the Ride.

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